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Repeating item labels in a PivotTable

When you repeat item and field labels in a PivotTable, rows or columns are visually grouped to make the data easier to review. For example, use repeated labels when subtotals are disabled or there are multiple fields for items. In the example shown below, the ranges are repeated for each row and the product is repeated for each column.

  1. Right-click the row or column label you want to repeat and click Settings field.

  2. Click the tab Layout & print and select the check box Repeat element labels .

  3. Make sure, that Display element labels in tabular form is selected.


  • If you edit any of the repeated labels, the changes you made will be applied to all other cells that have the same label. Individual repeated cells cannot be edited.

  • If you change the format of all repeated labels by selecting the item label in the summary row or all repeated labels, the format is automatically applied to all other cells that have the same label. However, you can also change the format of individual repeated labels without applying the same formatting to other cells with the same label.

  • Repeated labels are only displayed when the PivotTable is in tabular form. They do not appear when using compact form or outline form. If necessary, you can change the format in the report layout.

Enable or disable repeated item labels for all fields

  1. Click anywhere in the PivotTable.

  2. Click the tab design For PivotTable toolson Report layout.

  3. Do not repeat element labels

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