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Calculator comparison 2021

  • Pocket calculators not only make simple arithmetic processes easier, they can also set up graphs, functions and equations.
  • Most calculators work with rechargeable batteries, batteries or solar energy and have shock-resistant covers that make them handy companions for school, university and business trips.
  • You can play your own software on programmable pocket calculators that facilitate mathematical processes. These devices have more storage space than others.

In the past, pocket calculators had hardly any functions and had no displays. The results were printed out by hand with a crank.
Since then the first electric pocket calculator developed in 1967 in Texas by the manufacturer "Texas Instruments" a lot has happened. At that time dhe first model with a microchip was still 1.5 kilos and was a big, thick box that printed out the results in a manner similar to a labeling machine. In the past 50 years, however, a lot has happened.

Hardly any other school subject divides students as much as mathematics: some love it, others hate it. No matter if math fanatic or not, everyone can agree on one thing: calculators make every task easier and the solutions obtained feel more secure.

But calculators are not only used in schools. In many courses of study and in every craft and business occupation Calculators are urgently needed in 2021 in order to avoid errors and the financial damage that often comes with them.

Pocket calculators are small and not only weigh about seven times less, but are also able to display graphs and functions and can come up with modern displays.

In our purchase advice we explain which types of calculators there are, how much storage space your device should have and From which class calculators can be used in the school.

1. What types of calculators are there?

1.1 Calculators for finance and simple bills

On the whole there is five different types of calculators.

Those who primarily like simple arithmetic Addition and subtraction, multiplication and subtraction would like to calculate, you probably don't need a calculator that can display graphs or set up functions. Generally z. B. any calculator with fraction and painting functions fitted.

Need a calculator for household, financial or retail billsAll you need is a basic calculator or a financial calculator. The differences are listed in this table:

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Basic calculatorFinancial calculator

The Sharp "El-234S" is an example of a basic pocket calculator that can handle fractions, multiplications and all basic arithmetic operations as well as percentages.

For example, the "HP-BII" pocket calculator is a financial calculator in which, in addition to the basic arithmetic operations, there are also calculation methods in all financial areas.

cheapest calculator

Basic arithmetic, percentage calculation, tax calculation

intuitive handling and stable housing

suitable for business administration, accounting and statistics

Loan installments, interest rates, standard deviations, linear regression, statistical functions with statistical analysis possible

insensitive and suitable for business trips

no functions, graphs, diagrams etc. possible no equations and diagrams possible

slightly more complicated to use due to more functions

1.2. Calculators for school, university and clear bills

Are you Pupil or student, deal with scientific mathematics or if you want a calculator altogether that eliminates the need to present your results with pen and paper, consider a graphing calculator or one scientific calculatorto buy.

These categories differ as follows:

graphical calculatorscientific calculator

The Texas Instruments calculator "TI-82-STATS" is z. B. a graphical calculator which is particularly suitable for diagrams and functions in addition to the existing basic arithmetic operations.

Casio calculators are classics in school lessons. The "FX-991DE-X" is also z. B. a branded scientific calculator that meets all the requirements of teaching institutions.

graphical representation of diagrams, graphs and functions

simply calculate sine, cosine and tangent

large display that simplifies the presentation

most of the options

Basic arithmetic, graphic arithmetic and some financial functions are possible

usable for every degree program

financial bills tend to be less available Due to the many functions, you must first familiarize yourself with their use in order to be able to use all of them

1.3. Online calculator for in between

In the event that you don't want to use up your data volume for online calculators on the go, they come most smartphones with calculator apps.

If none of these types of calculators really appeal to you or you rarely do math, can be found on the Internet also a lot Online calculator.If you enter “calculator” on Google, you will find a web calculator that has the basic functions of a basic calculator.

All of these online calculators are free and enough to run the to clarify the most important arithmetic questions in the household or when shopping. Each of these calculators can quickly solve percentages and fractions. If, like many, you search online for an "angle function calculator" that will help you with the unknown angles in the triangle, you will quickly find what you are looking for.


2. Which purchase criteria for calculators should you pay attention to?

2.1. The power supply of the pocket calculator works via battery, accumulator or solar cells

Regardless of which calculator test or calculator comparison you come across online, all calculators work with rechargeable batteries, solar cells and batteries. With these three different power supply options, each category has its advantages. Solar cells that power the computer are the most sustainable, but go out faster with a lack of sunlight or in poor lighting conditions. In the case of batteries and accumulators, the exact charge level of the devices can usually be determined more precisely, but variants of this type are more expensive and environmentally harmful.

Around half of the computers we compared willpowered by solar and supported by batteries. Even if your computer does not see any light for days, it will not go out and still work more sustainably than models that are only powered by batteries.

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2.2. The number of characters per line varies as required

Not only the best calculators help you not to lose track of complicated math problems.

Use your calculator primarily for scientific calculations or work with large numbers, you should rely on a device with many characters per line in order to get the most accurate results clearly presented.

In most school and study subjects or in work with smaller amounts of money or money, calculators with fewer characters per line are usually sufficient. B. often only two decimal places are required. The general rule, the more precise the resultsmust be, the more characters per lineyour computer should have.

2.3. A programmable computer is ideal for installing external software

Do you want the calculator with extend preprogrammed or specially created software, you should buy a programmable calculator. This is especially useful if you are a mathematician or need programs for your job that are not otherwise included on the device.

Tip:Programmable pocket calculators are usually not necessary in school and in most undergraduate courses, as well as for everyday calculations.

2.4. Calculating functions and equations with the calculator saves time

Functions and equations are used in many contexts for the representation of developments and dependencies used by things. They are useful for recognizing and understanding connections. If you don't want to put all of this down on paper, you will be happy to have a pocket calculator with these functions.

For example, if you like to calculate equations by hand or if you like to set up functions or if you simply do not need these additional functions or only rarely, you can do without them. Basically, it can't hurt to buy a device that can set up functions and equations. once familiar with the process, these extras can give you a lot Save work and time and refine your results.

2.5. The storage space depends on the type of calculator

Programmable calculatorusually need and have more storage space, as non-programmablebecause you need the storage space for different purposes.

For new programs and installable software that can be played on the programmable models, these devices need more memory space than the other computers, which only need the memory space for quick save keys for frequently used variables.

3. Is there a calculator test at Stiftung Warentest?

The Stiftung Warentest has not yet carried out a pocket calculator test and, accordingly, has not won a pocket calculator test. If you search for calculators on the website, however, you will find an overview of 41 programs for download which, for example, offer tax calculation for pensioners. If you want to calculate whether buying your rental apartment would be worthwhile or looking for the cheapest financing to buy a car, you will find it here.

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4. Frequently asked questions about performance and calculators in exams

4.1. When can calculators be used in school?

In kindergarten and elementary school, the youngest are introduced to mathematics with a slide rule. Later this is definitely no longer sufficient.

There is no uniform grade level or a certain age from which calculators can be used in school. So had every statealong with your own curricula, you also have your own specificationsfrom when the students would start using this tool.

Often, however, there is a message in which the legal guardians are informed whether and which calculators can be bought. Many schools offer direct sales of the calculators as a bulk order so that all children and young people are on the same page and it is easier to explain to the whole class.

If you have not received this notification but want to equip your child with a calculator, the market leader Casio has a website where you can enter the school type, state and calculator model and you will be told whether the calculator is permitted .

Tip:If you are not sure whether and from when calculators can be used in school or university, please contact the educational institution directly. So you can avoid unnecessary costs and hassle.

4.2. How long does a calculator battery last?

Generally speaking, it is difficult to say how long the battery or the rechargeable battery of a pocket calculator actually lasts. Depending on the model, use and power supply, the longevity of the pocket calculator also differs. To use up the battery as slowly as possibleyou can do the following:

  • device just turn it on, if You too use
  • Extra software and programs avoid
  • at solar powered Computers too when not in use into the light lay
  • do not play with the calculator, but only use it for mathematical solutions

4.3. When is a pocket calculator considered programmable?

Schoolchildren and students are regularly in a sweat of fear when the professor or teacher says that before the exam programmable calculators would be excluded from the exam. Non-programmable computers are at z. B. is generally allowed for Abitur exams. But when is a pocket calculator considered programmable?

Here the definitions differ depending on the teaching institution. Basically, you can take to heart that every pocket calculator on which you can run your own programs can be rated as programmable by examiners. So you better play it safe and only use computers to which this does not apply in official exams.

4.4. Are there calculators for seniors?

Often there is slightly modified technical equipment for older people to buy, including computers.

Elderly-friendly calculators have large buttons, an easily recognizable display and sometimes speakers that announce the results in an easy-to-understand manner. So even if you no longer have the best eyes or the best hearing, you can still buy a fully functional calculator.

Texas instruments TI-82 Stats
Currently available for € 62.98
»Now to Amazon» Now to Ebay
Suitable forGraphical arithmetic
with diagrams
Power supplybattery
Does the Texas Instruments TI-82 STATS calculator come with a protective case?A fixed sliding cover to protect the buttons and the display is included in the scope of delivery.
Casio FX-CG50
Currently available for € 110.74
»Now to Amazon» Now to Ebay
Suitable forGraphical arithmetic
with diagrams
Power supplybattery
Can this Casio FX-CG50 graphing calculator with a high-resolution color display also show calculation paths or does it just name the result?Unfortunately, this graphing calculator cannot display the calculation methods.
Texas Instruments TI-30 eco RS
Currently available for € 12.62
»Now to Amazon» Now to Ebay
Suitable forSchool arithmetic
sufficient functions
Power supplySolar
Which batteries do you need?You do not need batteries for the Texas Instruments TI-30 eco RS as it is a highly sensitive one. contains powerful ANYLITE solar cell and is therefore solar powered.

Which are the best calculators from our calculator test or comparison 2021?

Choose your personal calculator test winner from the following list:

  • 1st place - very good (comparison winner): CASIO FX9860 graphic calculator - from 135.95 euros
  • 2nd place - very good: Casio FX-CG50 - from 110.74 euros
  • 3rd place - good: Texas instruments TI-82 Stats - from 62.98 euros
  • 4th place - good: Texas Instruments TI-30 eco RS - from 12.62 euros
  • 5th place - good: Casio FX-83GTX pocket calculator - from 14.82 euros
  • 6th place - good: Genie 222 - from 17.64 euros
  • 7th place - good: Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS - from 22.98 euros
  • 8th place - good: Casio FX-85MS-2 - from 19.99 euros
  • 9th place - good: Casio SL-310UC-GN - from 7.99 euros

When comparing pocket calculators, choosing between a total of 9 pocket calculator models, including 2 "very good" pocket calculators and 7 "good" pocket calculators, will certainly not be easy. Therefore, a pocket calculator was also chosen as the comparison winner (CASIO FX9860 graphic calculator) and price-performance winner (Casio FX-CG50).

With 5 pocket calculator models, the Casio brand has the greatest variety of products from a single manufacturer in a pocket calculator comparison and is therefore particularly known among pocket calculator manufacturers for its product diversity.

More information "

How many different manufacturers are models compared in the calculator comparison?

In the pocket calculator comparison 4 different manufacturers are compared. More precisely, the experts compared and rated models from Casio, Texas Instruments, Texas Instruments TI-30 eco RS or Genie. More information "

Which price categories can I choose between in the calculator comparison?

You can get the cheapest pocket calculator from 7.99 euros, for the most expensive pocket calculator you have to spend up to 135.95 euros. The pocket calculators within this price range cost an average of around 45.08 euros in a pocket calculator comparison. More information under calculator test. More information "

Which calculator has the most customer reviews?

The Casio FX-83GTX pocket calculator won the most customer reviews, but the CASIO FX9860 graphing calculator received the best average reviews. More information "

How many models in the calculator comparison were rated "VERY GOOD"?

Of the 9 different models, a total of 2 were rated "VERY GOOD" by the editorial team, including:

  • CASIO FX9860 graphing calculator
  • Casio FX-CG50
More information "

Which models were compared or tested in the calculator comparison?

The 9 different pocket calculator models include:

  • Casio SL-310UC-GN
  • Casio FX-85MS-2
  • Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS
  • Genius 222
  • Casio FX-83GTX calculator
  • Texas Instruments TI-30 eco RS
  • Texas instruments TI-82 Stats
  • Casio FX-CG50
  • CASIO FX9860 graphing calculator
More information "

Which other products in the pocket calculator category are displayed when searching for "Casio pocket calculator"?

We want to offer you the best selection of products and therefore not only compare pocket calculators, but also related products such as Casio pocket calculators, Casio FX 991 DEX or Casio FX-991DE X. More information »