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11 WordPress plugins to create a popup on your blog

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Pop-ups are very powerful tools that many bloggers use to display advertisements, collect email addresses, or display other types of information. You can also serve ads in an attractive way while avoiding distracting readers while the readers focus on a specific piece of content.

So today we're going to bring you a list of free and paid WordPress plugins that you can use to display popups on your website.

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Then back to why we are here.

1. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is the most popular premium WordPress plugin for creating popups. Not only will it help you create popups on your website, but it will also help you apply targeting in a beneficial way.

OptinMonster also offers the ability to create any type of campaign without using popups. And to trigger your popups, you have a variety of options.

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In addition to the triggers, you also have a variety of targeting options to ensure that popups are only shown to the right visitors.

As expected, OptinMonster can also be integrated into Email Marketing the most popular.

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2. Modal Popup Box Elementor Addon

The Elementor Premium WordPress Plugin's WordPress Modal Popup Box extension allows you to add popups to your WordPress website for a variety of purposes.

This is the easiest opt-in solution on this list that users of the Elementor plugin or to users looking for a simple popup. You can show everything in a popup, e.g. B. Discount offers, news about new products, coupon codes, etc.

It offers many configurations for displaying your content. You can use it in too the sidebar just insert it like a widget the shortcode in the text widget and you can use it with any post too.

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3. Pop-ups

What popups lack in naming creativity makes up for in ease of use and WordPress-specific targeting methods. While it doesn't have as many features as OptinMonster, it is great for basic popup types.


The popup builder tool doesn't have the drag and drop functionality, but it's quite simple and easy to use. After you've chosen the appearance of your popup, you can apply targeting using AND / OR rules and many other criteria.

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It offers some triggers out of the box, but the premium version adds additional triggers.

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4. Super Forms - Popups

This WordPress Super Forms plugin extension doesn't have the same glitz as the other popup plugins on this list, but it's still a great choice for users who want to convert visitors to subscribers quickly.

Super Forms - Popups is a great choice if you're looking for a simple solution creating your email list.

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The main features are: 7 popup templates to get you started quickly, 12 different triggers and filters for visitor behavior, sticky popups and much more.

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5. Ninja popups

With over 30 sales and a 000-star rating, Ninja Popups is one of the most popular WordPress plugins available on Code Canyon.

In addition to a wide range of models for a wide variety of uses, it also offers various features such as: Support for Anti-lock technology to bypass ad blockers, a variety of targeting options, statistics in the dashboard, Block content for opt-in emails or sharing on social networks, Tons of integration with email marketing services and more.

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6. ChimpMate Pro

ChimpMate Pro is a WordPress opt-in plugin designed specifically for MailChimp users that helps convert readers into subscribers. Like the OptinPoint plugin we'll look at later, this plugin is highly customizable and gives you complete control over when and where popups appear.

ChimpMate Pro will be the plugin of choice for users MailChimpBut if you're not using MailChimp, don't worry - you might like the OptinPoint plugin from our list.

Its features include: Integration with WooCommerce, the visual popup editor with real-time previews, fully customizable appearance, 9 behaviors and trigger options, and much more

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7. Pop-up maker

Popup Maker is the most popular WordPress popup maker plugin listed on WordPress.org with over 200 active installs. It will help you create a wide variety of popups.

The popup editor will help you create these using the familiar WordPress interface, although it is not a perfect tool like it is with OptinMonster or Ninja Popups.

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In terms of targeting and triggers, Popup Maker configures itself with a number of parameters to target certain content on your website, although most of the advanced options are locked behind a premium add-on.

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8. Layered popups

The specialty of Layered Popups is the ability to create your own animated and multi-layered popups. If dealing with the meanders of this design is not your style, you can enjoy over 150 pre-made and beautifully designed popup templates.

With its numerous functions, Layered Popups add a certain spice to your opt-ins and pop-ups.

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As functionalities we find: Compatibility with 65 suppliers of Marketing service via email, a visual popup creator, campaign support and A / B statistics, and more

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9. Dominance popup

Popup Domination is one of the oldest popup maker tools that is a big part of its tagline. And while it's been a while, Popup Domination has received a lot of updates to keep it competitive.


Not only does it come with a bunch of popup templates to get you started quickly, it also includes: an analytics system that lets you see how your popups are behaving, and support for A / B testing to optimize your popups based on data collected, a range of targeting options such as exit intent, click, page level, referrer, device, etc.

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In addition to these functions, Popup Domination also has a Pricing model unique compared to OptinMonster.

Instead of paying more for extra features, Popup Domination gives you all the features of any plan and only charges you based on the number of popup views you have per month.

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10. ConvertPlus  

ConvertPlug is a WordPress plugin that contains a huge library of over 100 beautiful ready-to-use templates and is specially designed to convert your website visitors into subscribers and customers using a variety of windows, customizable contexts triggered by various user actions.

So if you want to increase your conversion rate, ConvertPlug should be one of your plugins that you should try out.

Its main functions include: more than ten Show positions Popup, 12 different triggers and filtres Information on visitor behavior, the possibility of including inactive visitors with interactive windows, adapting your offers differently to new, old and connected visitors and much more

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11. Juice

The WordPress Sumo plugin isn't just about popups - it's a complete suite of tools for your website. However, one of the most popular tools in this suite is the list generator which, as you suspected, allows you to display opt-in popups on your website.

You can use the drag and drop feature to create your popups with custom images, buttons, and text. Then you can trigger your popup with the following conditions: intent to exit, delay, scroll depth, etc.

Sumo List Builder has too A / B tests and analyzes so you can Optimize popups that you use on your website.

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Here is ! It is for this article that presents The Most Popular WordPress Plugins for Creating Popups Easily. If you have any WordPress plugin suggestions from this niche that you find interesting, don't hesitate to offer them our comment section.

However, you can also use ours resourcesIf you need more elements to carry out your website creation projects, consult our guide on the WordPress blog creation or the one on Divi: the best WordPress theme ever.

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  1. Good day,
    I'm looking for a retention popup for my ecommerce website.
    I feel like Ninja Popup does the trick, but I have a couple of questions:
    - I did not understand the ninja popup prices: is it $ 26 in fixed costs for an unlimited duration of the plugin?
    - Can we configure a very specific targeting of the popup ad with Ninja Popup, e.g. B. the display only on certain pages after X minutes on the page? What targeting options does the plug-in offer?
    - What are the differences (+/-) to OptinMonster? Do you recommend OptinMonster for pop-in storage?

    Je vous remercie par avance.

    1. Good day,

      Yes, we use OptinMonster and it gives very good results.

  2. Hello and thanks for this article, the plugin list is really great. I would like to know how to offer a free guide to a popup such as: Hi, I am offering 7 free tips to help you make your dreams come true.
    1 I want these tips
    2 no thanks

    Once the visitor clicks 1 I want these tips and the form menu will come up.
    Many thanks for your help

    1. Use OptinMonster

  3. How do I configure the ITRO popup plugin? Do you have tutorials? Thanks in advance.

    1. Good day,

      No, sorry, we don't have it.

  4. Good day,
    I'm looking for a plugin that will open a popup with a mandatory email request from the start, without being able to close the popup (without a cross) and be linked to Mailchimp. Never found! Any ideas ?


    1. Good day,

      In the free plugin, I doubt you can find an effective plugin for this.

  5. Good day,
    I'm currently using Popup Maker, but when the visitor enters their details in the popup, it doesn't automatically close and they have to click the close cross.
    Which plugin has this function integrated?

    Many Thanks,

  6. Hello

    Thank you for your article.

    Which plugin was used to call exits? Let me explain:
    If a visitor wants to leave the blog, he dangerously approaches the cross in the upper right corner (i.e. without clicking) a popup appears to offer him free training, for example.


    1. Good evening Guillaume,

      I recommend NINJA POPOP on Codecanyon

  7. Hello,

    Thank you Thierry for this article. I happened to be trying out plugins to set up popups when I came across your website.

    I'm going to try Optin Revolution, which everyone seems to recommend.


    1. Good day,

      You are welcome to help.

  8. Thank you for this list of extensions! Personally, I've been using XYZ LightBox up until then, but the final rendering isn't great ... I'll go with Optin Revolution I think and if the rendering still doesn't satisfy me I would go for a premium extension .

    Hope you read and goodbye