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Become an influencer: How do influencers use Instagram & Co.?

The existence successful influencer life hard work is no longer a secret. Nevertheless, it still seems to be the dream job of many (young) people to make money through influencer marketing. So how do you become in 2021 Influencer on Instagram, YouTube or other social media? What do you have to do to Get millions of followers? We have the most important facts for everyone who wants to become an influencer - and an assessment of how realistic this project actually is.

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Definition: what are influencers?

Even if the term influencer is now used almost inflationary, the principle behind it is simple: influence means to influence, and nothing else does an influencer. However, this is only a very simplified explanation, because there is a lot more behind influencer marketing in reality.

Instagram, Youtube, blogger influencers - how does influencer marketing work?

An influencer is a Opinion leaders on a specific topic, the one specific channel uses (Instagram, YouTube, blogging etc.). But that does not mean that he is trying with all his might to force an opinion on his followers. The The key factor is authenticity: Everything that the person posts must appear believable. Interpersonal and also a Insight into negative everyday experiences are at least as important as recommendations.

Advertising is one highly emotional matter, and it is precisely this fact that is taken to extremes in influencer marketing. If we trust a person, we are much more likely to be persuaded to try one or the other thing.

Think about it: how often do you decide completely on its own initiative for a product, service provider, eatery, etc. - and how often do you rely on Tripadvisor reviews, word of mouth from friends or anyone else to make a decision Outside opinions?

Exactly: It is much easier to make a choice if you can fall back on credible experience reports. By the way, it absolutely has to be not necessarily a purchase decision walk. The countless challenges that wander through social media with great regularity are often first made popular by influencers - and that is just one of many examples.

Become a micro influencer: Forming opinions on a small scale

Compared to YouTuber PewDiePie (80 million subscribers - as of January 2019) or superstars like Beyonce (122 million followers on Instagram - as of January 2019) are most of them Influencer in German-speaking countries like Bianca Heinicke (aka BibisBeautyPalace, around 6 million Instagram followers - as of January 2019), of course, small fish. But in the overall picture you can individual people who reach an audience of millions and have great influence in an industry, quite as Key influencer describe.

Creating such a huge fan base is of course more the exception than the rule. The number of so-called micro influencers is much larger. This means people who have a limited and yet handsome Number of followers of around 5,000-100,000 followers to have.

Even influencers with "only" a few thousand followers are, however, very serious forces in marketing. Successful micro influencers share a very important characteristic: they have the factor Perfected authenticity. It shows how important or profitable it is for these influencers to appear approachable and undisguised Econsultancy Influencer Marketing Report: 61 percent of the consumers surveyed state that micro influencers would "Most relatable content" deliver.

Influencer as a profession - what does that actually mean?

Keeping it real is therefore the number 1 requirement for everyone who wants to become an influencer. Apart from that, influencers still need a strategy, quite a bit Background knowledge and technical skills - somebody has to photograph, text, edit etc. all the beautiful content, etc. It goes so far that there is already one in Switzerland Influencer diploma course there (really now).

who full-time influencer still has exactly that - a job. "Love what you do and you'll never work a day again"? Sounds plausible in theory, but is usually not the case in everyday influencer life. Because by turning the supposed hobby into a profession, they blurBoundaries between work and leisure. Vacation without a smartphone, digital detox, just disappear from the radar: not in the influencer business.

After all, followers want to know what their favorite influencers are up to. Little by little the Giving up privacy and as good as to put every waking minute into self-promotion, is part of the deal for successful influencers. Also Resilience is an important qualitythat an influencer must have: You should be able to deal with criticism and have strategies at hand on how not to allow possible troll attacks to get too close to you.

The earnings: How much money do you make as an influencer?

So much for the basics of everyday influencer life, but what about the financial level? Cooperations with brands are ultimately a lucrative source of income for successful influencers ...

Earning money online with Instagram collaborations: how does it work?

Influencers still seem to be one in 2021 interesting option for marketing departments to be. In a Linqia study 39 percent of the 181 marketers surveyed said that content created by influencers would perform better than internally produced posts. For influencers who in the right place at the right time and do their job well, that means: Cooperations!

As a rule, the cooperation partner sends in free product to, which the influencer then presents in a post - and not somehow, but as authentic as possible. So that the advertising does not appear too aggressive, the mix of advertising and non-advertising content on the respective channel should be balanced.

Attention: Even if the legal situation has not (yet) been clarified one hundred percent in detail, one must be Advertising postings marked as such become. This always applies if the influencer is any Consideration for posting gets. A Instagram hashtag By the way, alone is not enough!

And how does one get involved? Influencer salary in concrete numbers express? Well, you can make general statements badly. One thing is certain, however: Those who are still in their infancy as influencers shouldn't come along Monthly salaries à la Bianca Heinicke calculate. To the regular Earnings from influencers there are always new studies, but very few make the big money. That much has to be honestly said.

From how many followers do you earn money?

That's actually a misleading question because the Number of followers alone doesn't say much about potential earnings. Whether and how much money you earn as an influencer does not depend on how many people follow you on Instagram. Rather, it depends on how much you are in your own niche rated as a trendsetter becomes.

Becoming famous as an Instagram influencer - is it that easy?

It should be clear at this point, but: No, easy is nothing in influencer life. It starts with the fact that it is increasingly difficult for newcomers will find a suitable niche or somehow Stand out from the competition.

On Instagram, perfect aesthetics from lifestyle areas such as fashion, travel, food or fitness are practically good form. The Entry level is now high and the competition is great. It is therefore all the more important to just get started one ideal channel to focus. That can be Instagram, but just as well, for example, a blogging platform.

Ultimately, there is one behind a steep influencer career or even just a profitable existence as a micro influencer Mixture of discipline, know-how and motivationand luck. Correct timing always plays a role, and that cannot be planned with the best will in the world.

How can you become an influencer?

The first step in any influencer career is always this Ask what to focus on. This is more difficult than it might sound at first glance. Because the chances that you're not the only person who has a certain talent and wants to market it are ... well, 100 percent. That he does not become an influencer overnight, for example this one shows Self-test by editor Verena Fücker.

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Using Instagram Correctly: How Influencers Should Design Their Profiles

The Instagram picture platform is the number 1 playground for influencers who rely heavily on visual content put and a lot work with the story format. A Guaranteed success for influencers does not exist, with the right one Design of the Instagram profile But at least you already have a huge advantage over the competition, which is less systematic.

Here are a few tips:

  • A thematic line Follow - Subscribers follow the account because they want to see more of a certain type of content!
  • Connect subject areasto occupy a more specific niche (e.g. food blogging plus fitness content)
  • Longer Avoid posting breaks necessarily provide an explanation
  • Optically in line stay, e.g. always use the same filters
  • Your own work look at it objectively (!) and analyze: what works and why? What is criticism for and what can you learn from it?

Apart from that, it goes without saying that influencers always up to date with the latest trends should stay. The Forbes survey, for example, provides inspiration Trends in influencer marketing from 2019.

How can you build reach on Instagram?

You don't become an influencer overnight. That means: Anyone who has serious intentions in an opinion-forming career needs first and foremost Patience and perseverance.

Because there is a lot of manual work before the first cooperation or even just the 1000 follower mark:

  • Like
  • Leave a Comment
  • Share content
  • follow your own followers as well
  • analyze the Do's & Don'ts
  • build a network

How, network, as an influencer do you want to make it big on your own? Yes but as a lone fighter it is quite difficult. Social media is a give and take, and that also applies to the influencer business. Of Instagram reposts From follow-up recommendations to a simple thank you for nice comments, influencers should ideally as many people from your target group as possible speak to.

In addition, the professional component Don't miss out: There are enough influencer events at which you can find out everything about the latest trends. And new tools for Instagram keep appearing on the software market Increase in range help. In other words: standing still is a no-go.

Are there any tricks to get Instagram followers?

Purchased followers and likebots are theoretically easy to get, but accordingly pointless. Because the algorithms of the social platforms, be it Instagram or Facebook, are constantly being optimized accordingly Detect attempted fraud and punish.

In addition, it seems more than implausible to real fans when 600 fans suddenly become 2000 overnight. So if you're not looking for that Trust of the hard-earned followers To gamble away again as quickly as possible, it is better to rely on the good old influencer manual work. It's a fact.

In other words: that ultimate recipe for successhow to become a successful influencer in X steps, there is not any. Neither is there the everyday influencer life in which someone relaxes on the beach in the morning, tries on a few free clothes in the afternoon and drinks cocktails with other influencer VIPs at the party of the year in the evening.

That's just the carefully tailored one "Script version" of influencer life. But who is not afraid of hard work almost around the clock and maximum Disclosure of one's own everyday life has and on top of that extremely communicative has at least a few important influencer characteristics. Everything else? Can only be obtained by tackling!

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