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Send money from Germany to Russia any way you want

International transfers to Russia are easy with Western Union. Whether with your bank account or a credit card4 or in cash - we offer you a number of options to make your transfers quick and easy.

Send money online

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Send with the app

Save time and send with Western Union® App Money to Russia.

Send personally

Send EUR to RUB from 4,700+ locations3 throughout Germany.

Get cash in Russia in minutes1

Did you know that there are hundreds of thousands of Western Union worldwide® Locations there? Money transfers to Russia can be made quickly and conveniently in cash at one of our locations nearby3 From your recipient.

Just send money to Russia

You can send money to Russia even without your own bank account.

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Send cash for collection

Send personally

You can get EUR in RUB at more than 36,000 locations2 send in Russia.

Regularly send money to Russia

Send money with Western Union® Easily, quickly and reliably to Russia online or via the app. Save your recipient details to repeat transactions more quickly and track your money transfer seamlessly.

In which currency can my recipient pick up the transaction?

Choose the most convenient way for your friends and family to make the transfer3 to receive. Money transfers to Russia can be picked up in Russian rubles and US dollars.

Fast online transfer with Western Union

Nobody likes to wait. Therefore, you can be your recipient within minutes1 Money for cash pickup at one of our Western Union® Locations2 send in Russia or to a bank account.

Send very simple money from Germany to Russia

Sending money from Germany to Russia is easy
In this video you can see how fast, convenient and reliable a transfer with Western Union is.

Money on the way with the Western Union® Send app

With our app, you can send money from practically anywhere. Check transfer fees and exchange rates, save your contacts to make repeated sending easier and keep track of your transfer at any time.

Online transfers to Russia made easy with

You can access our site around the clock and practically anywhere from any device via your browser and transfer money with just a few clicks or taps - to an account at a participating partner bank or to collect cash in a matter of minutes1.

Receive rewards with My WU

Save transfer fees2 with the My WU Program.

Enjoy membership benefits

Collect My WU Points with every money transfer and receive valuable rewards.

Save transfer fees

Redeem your My WU Points to get discounts on transfer fees.

Donate to a good cause

Support educational projects for children with your My WU Points.

Check the location search on for availability of country and location.

1 Due to certain circumstances in individual transactions, e.g. For example, the amount sent, the country of destination, currency availability, legal requirements, identification requirements, location opening times, different time zones, or the selection of delayed options, there may be delays or the unavailability of services. In the case of mobile transactions, the amount is credited to the account linked to the recipient's mobile phone number via the recipient's mobile wallet. Additional third party fees may apply, including SMS fees or overdraft and expense fees. The availability of the amount is subject to the terms of the service chosen. Please refer to the referral form for more details on restrictions.

2 Number of locations: as of June 30, 2020.

3 Western Union also makes money through currency exchange. When choosing a money transfer provider, carefully compare both transfer fees and exchange rates. Fees, exchange rates, and taxes may vary by brand, channel, and location based on a number of factors. Fees and rates are subject to change without notice.

4 If you use your credit card, you may incur fees for the cash advance and related interest. Use a debit card to avoid these fees. Availability depends on the equipment at the sales location