When we can enjoy our life

In a good mood despite bad circumstances

An encouragement from Joyce Meyer | Reading time: 3 minutes

Would you like to be in a good mood every day? You are probably thinking: yes, of course! Who wouldn't want to be? For years I let myself be determined by the most varied of moods and thought that I could not influence my feelings.

You can enjoy your life, even if it looks gloomy around you.

I envied all the "happy people". I always asked myself: what is your secret? Why them and not me? But at some point I realized that our thoughts, words, moods and inner attitudes are interconnected in a complex way. First we think. Then our thoughts become words that we utter. And both affect our feelings, which are expressed in our moods and inner attitudes.

For years I ignored what I was thinking and saw no connection between my thoughts and the other areas of my life. But since that time God has taught me many things about the effects of my thoughts through His Word. I am very happy that I can pass on to you some of these truths.

Enjoying life: it starts with a decision

Although it is not always in our power to change every uncomfortable situation in life, we are able to change our point of view. Nobody rejoices in very difficult and painful circumstances, but I believe that if we encounter them with hope and faith, we will see how God will work everything for our best (see Romans 8:28).

In order to be able to enjoy life, we have to decide which thoughts we want to allow. Yes it is that simple! No matter what is going on in your life at the moment: You will feel happier if you consciously choose positive and hopeful thoughts that correspond to the Word of God. Our thinking is closely related to our feelings. So if we want to feel better, we have to think better.

Imagine your thoughts are like the tank of your car. Depending on the type of fuel you fill up, your car will either drive well or not at all. Exactly the same goes for your life: If you pay attention to what you think, your quality of life will improve significantly!

Well, there are people who are blessed from birth with a disposition that makes it easier for them to see the good things in life. But you too have to keep making new decisions what you are thinking about and how you want to look at life.

Be honest about what you've been thinking about lately and how you felt emotionally and physically. I am sure that you will see a connection here. Negative, critical, and bitter thoughts never produce anything positive. Good things happen when we focus our thinking on what is God's plan for our lives.

The key to change

Jesus makes a new way of life possible for us through his death and resurrection. However, this new life is always preceded by a renewed way of thinking. Correct thoughts and correct inner attitudes are like road maps that get us to our destination. In Romans 12: 2 (NGÜ) it says:

No longer judge yourself by the standards of this world, but learn to think in a new way so that you can be changed and judge whether something is God's will - whether it is good, whether God enjoys it and whether it is perfect.

The Bible: Romans 12: 2

It is important that we understand this passage correctly! God has a good and perfect plan for each of us. But we can only realize it if we don't think the way the world thinks. We need to learn to change our thinking and think the way God does! If you want to experience what God has in store for you, you have to learn to align your thoughts with God's thoughts!

Ephesians 4:22-24 (NGÜ) is one of my favorite Bible passages. In verse 22 we are to take off the old man (the old way of life) and in verse 24 we are asked to put on the new man (the new way of life), who is created in God's image.

But how is that possible? Verse 23 gives us the key:

You have been taught to be renewed in your mind and thinking.

The Bible: Ephesians 4:23

So we can “put off” our old way of life and “put on” the new one by constantly renewing our thinking and our inner attitudes.

In the beginning we fill our minds with biblical truths. Then we decide to internalize these positive and faith-strengthening things that God says about our lives ourselves and to express them.

Jump start for the day

Did you know that you can jump-start the day yourself? How? By consciously concentrating first thing in the morning on all the good that God says in his word and speaking it to yourself.

This exercise only takes a few minutes, but it will add value to your entire day. Ponder and speak out loud these biblical truths:

  • This is the day God made and I will enjoy it! See Psalm 118:24
  • I can do everything that comes my way today with Jesus' help, because he is my strength. S. Philippians 4.13
  • I have favor with God and with people. S. Luke 2.52
  • Today I will be strong and full of energy. S. Isaiah 40: 28-31
  • Everything I tackle will work out and succeed. S. Joshua 1: 8
  • I enjoy doing good to others. S. 1 Timothy 6:18
  • I am grateful for all that God has done for me. 1 Thessalonians 5:18
  • God takes care of my problems and I can wait patiently for him because his schedule is the right one. S. Psalm 31:15; 37.7; 46.2

Negative thoughts and speech also create negative moods and attitudes. And then, in all likelihood, it will be a bad day.

But if we consciously give our thoughts a positive and uplifting direction by faithfully aligning them with the thoughts of God, it will have a positive effect on our whole day.

Step by step

It is not always easy to renew your own thinking, speech, moods and attitudes. But with God's help we will make it.

I've been working on it for almost 40 years and even if I haven't succeeded perfectly, I've made amazing progress. There are days when I succeed in everything, but also days when I feel like I've failed completely. But I believe that with God's help I will keep moving forward.

If you long to be more emotionally balanced and maintain a positive outlook regardless of your life circumstances, Make this your goal and don't give up until you've achieved the goal.

Take the first step. And then another. No matter how long the path may be: If you take enough steps in the right direction, you will eventually reach your goal and lead the life that you have always wished for.

From: Joyce Meyer Magazin December 2015

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