Travel insurance is important

Which travel insurance makes sense?

Status: May 14, 2021 11:48 a.m.

Anyone planning a trip looks forward to their vacation. But sometimes something can come up, such as illness before the start of the trip or at the holiday destination. Or the luggage is lost.

Many travel agencies offer insurance directly when you take out a trip. But they often only work with a few insurers. For every insurance they sell, they collect a commission - according to estimates by industry experts, between 15 and 30 percent. What is profitable additional business for the travel agency can be bad business for the customer. Because often there is not the cheapest and best tariff in the travel agency.

Which insurance makes sense

  • Foreign health insurance: It is the most important travel insurance because the statutory health insurances do not cover all costs even within the EU.
  • Travel cancellation insurance: They are useful on expensive trips. Because whoever cancels a booked trip, has to pay cancellation fees with many tour operators. If the customer cancels shortly before departure, the cancellation costs can amount to up to 100 percent of the travel price. Important: Read the insurance conditions to find out which reasons for cancellation are insured. This usually includes unexpected illnesses and the death of a loved one. Many insurers also pay if you lose your job or if your house is damaged. It should also be clarified whether the insurance covers pre-existing or chronic illnesses that already exist when the insurance is taken out.
  • Trip cancellation insurance: It is included in many travel cancellation insurances at an additional cost. She steps in if the traveler falls ill at the holiday destination and therefore has to break off the holiday prematurely.
  • Luggage insurance: It is relatively expensive and usually only works under strict conditions. Before taking out the insurance, it is essential to check what is insured and to what extent. Many experts consider luggage insurance to be superfluous because the airline or tour operator is liable for lost or damaged luggage. Insurance is usually only worthwhile if the actual value of the luggage is above the maximum liability limit of around 1,300 euros.

Credit card companies offer travel protection

Important: Before you rush to take out insurance at a travel agency, check carefully what your own insurance status looks like. Often trips are already covered by other insurances. For example, many credit card companies offer extensive travel protection if you pay for the trip with your credit card.

Consumer advice center Lower Saxony: Tips on travel insurance

  • Packages don't always make sense: Travel insurance in an all-round carefree package is often too expensive because it can contain unnecessary insurance. The consumer advice center advises against luggage, travel liability and travel accident insurance. These risks are often already covered by other insurance companies.
  • Also insure travel interruption: Travel cancellation insurance should include travel interruption insurance. The travel cancellation insurance is only valid up to the airport, the travel interruption insurance from the start of the trip - for example when checking in at the airport. Usually both are offered together, but sometimes also individually.
  • Note deadlines: Depending on the provider, travel cancellation insurance must be taken out no later than 14 to 42 days after booking the holiday or no later than 30 days before departure.
  • Tariffs with excess: Some insurances differ greatly in price because some tariffs include a deductible.
  • Automatic extension: The terms of termination also differ. The insurance is often only valid for the duration of the trip and then expires automatically. In some cases the contract is automatically renewed and the contribution is then usually due for another year.

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