When is it justified to cheat on your partner?

Why we cheat on our partner even though we are happy

According to psychologists: This is why we cheat on our partner when we are happy in a relationship

Psychologists confirm: Even if we are happy in a relationship, we can cheat on our partner. Why? We'll tell you here!

Sure, an affair is nothing nice, nobody wants to be cheated on by a partner they love. Psychologists and relationship researchers have grappled with the eternal and painful relationship issue for a long time. The most common reasons people cheat seem to have long since been clear: emotional immaturity, sexual emptiness, or just an unhappy relationship.

This is why people cheat in happy relationships

The US psychologist Robert Weiss and the relationship therapist and author Esther Perel have now got to the bottom of the widespread phenomenon why even people who live in a happy relationship cheat on their partner. In a case report they deal with their own clients who love their spouse and who, according to their own statement, also have a healthy relationship: they enjoy each other's company, they respect each other, they are drawn to each other, the sex is good, and there are no other ones obvious relationship problems. The only real problem is that they are cheating on their partner and they cannot or will not stop. According to the two, this is due to the following reasons:

1. The desire to get to know yourself anew

The Looking for a new sense of self is probably the most important of these reasons. Affairs are considered by many to be one Form of self-discovery seen the search for a new or maybe even lost identity. For these deceivers, infidelity is an exploration of unexperienced or long-suppressed parts of the self. You just want to escape these constraints for a short time - feel young and relieved again, explore, grow and experience life. When these people cheat, they are not looking for a new lover to feel connected to, but primarily themselves (or at least some lost or long-ignored aspect of themselves).

2. The seduction of crossing the border

Which brings us to reason two: Those affected say that they feel like a teenager again if they secretly have sex or an affair. It's exciting, forbidden, and they just enjoy breaking the rules. Like a kid who steals a cookie when it's forbidden. The forbidden biscuit tastes extra sweet!

3. The feeling of still having to act out

Here it is not the border crossings, but the ones missed opportunitieswho attract scammers. They think about what they missed, what never was, or the life they could have had if life had turned out somehow differently. They feel limited by their life or the relationship they have entered into, regardless of how much they enjoy that life and relationship. By cheating, they live out their curiosity.

4. Feel new or long-forgotten emotions

By fling, we can be new or long-banned Emotions Experienced. This phenomenon occurs frequently in men in particular, as they often learn as children to suppress their emotions and not express them. Unfortunately, in the process, they often stifle both joy and sadness, joy and pain. For these people, regardless of gender, infidelity is more likely to be one emotional release as a sexual release.

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