How much weight is a flap

Gas springs for flaps / hatches

Which flap / hatch gas springs are suitable?

Would you like help with determining the right flap / hatch gas spring for your situation? Follow the steps below. This results in a completed form that you can send to T-Technics. We will make you an offer with the most favorable situation.

For your information: a flap hangs vertically and moves horizontally. A hatch is horizontal and moves vertically.


  • Please check the available space under the hatch. For most situations, a space of 200 to 300 mm is necessary so that the gas springs can then function optimally. If the gas spring lies too flat, the gas spring force cannot help enough at the beginning of the opening of the hatch, and cannot carry enough during the last part of closing the hatch. The hatch will then fall tight instead of moving slowly.
  • Check which type of fasteners you can / want to use best.
  • Always try to use 2 gas springs per hatch or hatch, or one in the middle to avoid an oblique load.
  • If you have a different situation, please send us a drawing with dimensions and weights. Then we'll see if we can help you with this.
  • Important: The better the information, the better the solution and thus the effect of the gas spring installation.
  • Gas spring flap assembly

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