Which country does not have a letter A.

Alphabet keyboard not alphabetical

Have you ever wondered why letter keyboards are not arranged according to the ABC? Where does the jumble of letters on our PC keyboard come from when there is such a nice ABC sequence! Imagine, that was the case with the keyboards of the old typewriters from the 19th century. Why?

This has something to do with the complicated mechanics of the first typewriters. If you pressed a letter key, it moved a so-called type lever upwards and the corresponding letter was printed on the paper. However, if you hit two adjacent keys too quickly, the type lever could get caught. Then you had to separate them again and that was annoying!

Christopher Latham Sholes, an American typewriter designer, found the solution to this problem in 1868. His simple and ingenious idea: The letters that are very common in English words must not be too close to each other.

This is especially true in English E, T, O, A, N.

Sholes placed the letters far apart on the keyboard and arranged the less frequently used letters around them. So you could type faster and the levers rarely get stuck.

And since humans are creatures of habit, we still have this arrangement on our computer today. Of course, there are different letters that are commonly used in each language. That is why the arrangement of the letters on the keyboard usually looks a little different in each country:

By the way, the American and German keyboard layouts are named after the order of the first six letters. The German is called QWERTZ and the American is QWERTY.