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The thirteen-year-old who stepped on the scales and fell madly in love "When viewed backwards through the legs, the world is always the most interesting." This motto in life brings many problems to the young man from childhood. Problems in the form of accidents. The good thing about accidents: comfort chocolate. The bad thing about too much chocolate: being overweight. At 13, he decided to look ahead and made an interesting discovery. This line of sight brings even more problems. Problems of falling in love with your mind when a magical smile hits you unprepared. The good thing about falling in love: Elsa. The problem with falling in love: your husband. The truck driver Tscho. The young man decides to solve all the problems at once. He starts a radical diet and visits offensive with Elsa, who is ten years older than him. With every pound he sheds, he sees his chances with her increasing. When she goes for a drive with him in her new Renault 5, that heats up his calorie consumption.

Review note on Die Tageszeitung, October 20, 2018

Reviewer Peter Unfried missed the cosmopolitan tone of Wolf Haas' new story a little, but he also seems to have found the reduction to the "incredibly small prison cell of a male teenager before liberation" interesting: Haas told the story with numerous autobiographical references of an overweight twelve-year-old who falls in love with a twenty-year-old and discovers with her husband and herself that his cosmos is not that small. The reviewer thinks that the coming of age has been relocated to Austria without any frills - but actually he wants nothing more than a successful diagnosis of the time from such capable authors as Wolf Haas at the moment.

Review note on Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, October 6, 2018

Reviewer Rose-Maria Gropp is entranced by this non-Brenner novel by Wolf Haas. How a boarding school student in rural Austria in 1973 gets rid of unnecessary pounds and inhibitions regarding his big flame, how he adventurously stumbles through adolescence, finally finds himself first in a road movie and then suddenly in a didactic piece about the health of language, that is what Haas, the reviewer, knows sometimes to tears, sometimes to laugh touchingly. Haas captivates Gropp with a melancholy and funny plot as a center of strength, with playful language and all kinds of fantasy and images from films.
Read the review at buecher.de

Review note on Süddeutsche Zeitung, September 17, 2018

Bernhard Blöchl is happy about a new note in Wolf Haas' work. This non-Brenner novel, a coming-of-age story from the Austrian province of the early seventies, which, according to Blöchl, has quite autobiographical moments, entertains the reviewer splendidly. This is mainly due to the author's art of pun, the humor and the unpredictability of the plot, which Blöchl has switched from a tragic buddy comedy to a road novel about which he would rather not reveal too much.
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