Which companies will sponsor a startup

3 reasons why sponsorship is worthwhile for startups

Anyone who thinks that sponsorship is only reserved for large companies because they have the necessary financial resources is wrong. Startups and young companies in particular who want to sharpen their profile can make optimal use of this measure.

PlusForta GmbH, with its product kautionsfrei.de (https://kautionsfrei.de/), is now one of the market-leading providers of rental deposit guarantees. She not only supports the Berlin beach volleyball talents Eric Stadie and Toni Hellmuth, but recently also the handball players of the Spreefüxxe. Kautionsfrei.de is currently present on the boards at the games of the Berlin basketball team ALBA BERLIN in the Mercedes Benz Arena. The company has summarized its positive experiences and explained why sponsorship is also suitable for startups.

  1. Increase in awareness

Startups have the opportunity to present themselves to the relevant target group through sponsorship apart from their product or service. Of course, advertising and PR measures should primarily contribute to increasing awareness, but sponsoring is a good opportunity to support this aspect by stabilizing the level of awareness and, at best, even expanding it.

  1. Sponsoring as a factor of identity

Regardless of the entrepreneurial interests, it is made clear what the hearts of the people behind it beat for - an entrepreneurial "shell" is authentically filled with life. The sponsored club not only becomes another "advertising space", but can also have a positive effect on the external image of the startup: The respective characteristics, such as team spirit, strength or enthusiasm for the relevant sport, are credibly associated with the company.

  1. Networking

When the sponsored association runs up, the sponsoring company should not miss the opportunity to be there. On site, detached from the office, new contacts can be made, which may be valuable for later collaborations. And even if this does not directly generate new business, it can have a beneficial effect on the search for talent. After all, you can never get to know a potential new employee more authentically than over a sausage.

Marilla Schleibaum is responsible for marketing at plusForta GmbH. She says about the sponsorships she oversees: “Work and leisure are becoming more and more blurred anyway. So it's all the better that we can support sports with our company that we are personally interested in or that we find likeable. Depending on the discipline, you can also address different target groups. Regardless of the positive aspects that arise for us through the sponsorship, the respective clubs also benefit from it. You can fully concentrate on your training and your games and don't have to worry about your financial background. "

Posted by Orlando Mittmann | Last updated: March 02, 2016

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