You can clean wooden floors with vinegar

Clean parquet with vinegar

What should be considered when wiping parquet floors with vinegar?

When cleaning parquet with vinegar the correct dosage of vinegar and water important so that the wooden floor is not damaged. In addition, a wooden floor usually does not require regular wet cleaning. On the contrary, wood is sensitive and too much moisture could cause the floor to swell.

In principle, household remedies for parquet cleaning should only be used on sealed parquet floors. With unsealed parquet floors, however, caution is advisable. It is better to use special cleaners here.

For stubborn dirt and stains, it is allowed never pure vinegar can be applied. How high the water content should be depends on the acid content in the vinegar. It is also advisable to slightly moisten the affected areas on the wooden floor with vinegar before cleaning (do not wet!).

To avoid scratches on the parquet, the floor should only be covered with a Floor mop or spray mop with soft cotton cloths or suitable Cleaning cloths for wooden floors getting cleaned.

That is enough for the regular care of parquet floors Dry cleaning out. Dust and light dirt can be removed quickly and gently with one Broom with a soft brush, a mop with a cotton duster or a Cordless broom with matching parquet floor brush remove.

Important: When cleaning parquet floors with vinegar, skin, respiratory tract and eyes should be protected with appropriate household gloves made of rubber, as well as mouth and eye protection. People with sensitive skin, skin diseases and allergies should be careful when wiping the parquet floor with vinegar essence or, better still, use alternative home remedies.