How do I deal with gossip

Rumors About Me: How To Respond When People Are Gossiping You

Whether at work, at school, with the family or among the neighbors. Surely you've heard a rumor about yourself that is completely false. In such situations you often feel very powerless. However, it depends on the situation - why was the rumor spread and by whom?

  • Rumors are very annoying in themselves. However, if it is "only" about little things, such as going to bed in the evening with only socks on, then we advise you not to put too much energy into it. Often a great deal of displeasure only intensifies the rumor mill. Often it can only be a matter of misunderstandings or someone has understood an opinion as a fact.
  • Many rumors also arise simply from gossip. Everyone tells stories a little differently, you exaggerate, leave things out, and in the end something completely different comes out of it. This means that not every rumor was willfully spread. Sometimes rumors are simply an indication of very talkative "friends".
  • The situation is different, however, if the rumors are more serious or are spread in an environment where they do not belong, such as in the workplace. Rumors can have dire consequences here, lead to rejection on the part of colleagues or unpleasant conversations with superiors.
  • Whenever you hear a rumor about yourself, think twice about who it might have come from and what ulterior motive is being pursued. Rivalry, jealousy, past conflicts or has someone just misunderstood something? Think about it to decide how you want to respond.