Is Voldemort's daughter his new Horcrux

Voldemort's 7 Horcruxes | Harry Potter Horcruxes

Only a few wizards are said to have created Horcruxes, actually only 2. Once Herpo the Foul, who split his soul once, and of course Voldemort, who created 7 Horcruxes. Even if Harry was probably not intended to be one of them.

Horcruxes are objects in which a black magician can split off part of his soul and keep it outside his body. To do this, however, you have to commit a murder and then you can enclose the split part in an object with a black magic spell.

Tom Riddle got this idea when he was still at school and he also liked the number 7 back then. Because he asked the then Professor Slughorn what the horcruxes were up to and whether you can't separate your soul into 7 parts. Slughorn was visibly shaken, of course, but indirectly affirmed it.

Unfortunately, I cannot say why Voldemort never chose a Gryffindor item. Maybe because it's the Heroes' House and he didn't want it because of rivalry, or maybe he just didn't make it. I will tell you about all the other 7 Horcruxes from Harry Potter in the following:

Tom Riddle's diary

The first Horkux is Tom Marvolo Riddle's diary. It casts Ginny Weasley under its spell in Part 2 and at the end of the Chamber of Secrets also deprives her of her life force so that the young Tom Riddle can appear in "Flesh and Blood".

When Harry and Ron are separated from each other in the tunnel on the way to the Chamber of Secrets, only Harry arrives in the chamber. There he has to fight the huge basilisk and in the end defeats it with the help of the sword of Gryffindor.

A tooth caught in Harry's arm on the fatal blow. He then used it to free Ginny Weasley from Tom and stabbed the diary. After the first stab, Tom's chest seemed to shine and a hole began to form in the place of his heart.

After several stitches on the inside of the book, he closed it and dealt the death blow from the outside. In the end, the apparition of Tom Riddle burst and the first Horcrux was dead.

Tom Riddle's diary at Elbenwald

At Elbenwald there are two versions to buy if you are interested. Once a real diary (Amazon) that you can write in. It has a soft, black leather cover and parchment-colored pages. The corners were reinforced with metal decorations.

For collectors there is also a diary version made of resin (Amazon), which is a special cast resin. There is a basilisk tooth in the book, which can also be pulled out and the whole thing is in a nice stand. It is 21 x 14 x 1.5 cm, similar to the writable diary, and the tooth is 20 cm long.

Marvolo / Vorlost Gaunt's Ring

In the original Voldemort's grandfather is called Marvolo and in German he is called Vorlost. His ring is the second horcrux and hides several exciting things. On the one hand, it is an heirloom from Salazar Slytherin and Cadmus Peverell.

And on the other hand, the black stone turns out to be one of the deathly hallows, namely the stone of resurrection. Neither Voldemort nor his grandfather knew about the secret because, had it been otherwise, he probably would not have used it as a Horcrux.

He probably chose the ring because it was an heirloom from Salazar Slytherin and it symbolizes Voldemort's wizarding lineage. In order to split his soul, he killed his father Tom Riddle Sr. and his family in the summer of 1943.

Although he put a strong curse on the ring to protect the Horcrux, Albus Dumbledore found it in the Gaunts' house anyway. When he destroyed it, the curse of Voldemort visibly weakened him. He also showed Harry his burned hand while telling the Horkuxe, but didn't tell him how weak he was.

Slytherin's locket

Like Marvolo's ring, the locket is a Slytherin heirloom and has changed hands continuously. It was first owned by Marvolo and his son Morfin, who came to Azkaban. His daughter Merope stole the locket and sold it for a ridiculous ten galleons because she was in dire need of money.

She sold it to Caractacus Burke, the owner of Borgin and Burkes. He sold the heirloom to the witch Hepzibah Smith, of course with a profit, and at the end she shows the medallion to the young Tom Riddle.

We don't know who Voldemort killed for the Horcrux, but where he hid it. He hid it in a remote cave and secured it with a lake full of Inferi and a terrible magic potion. Dumbledore drank this to get to the locket, but it was only a copy.

The renegade Death Eater Regulus Black came before them, with the help of his house-elf Kreacher, and stole the locket. Regulus asked Kreacher to destroy the heirloom, but that turned out to be more difficult than expected and he just kept it for now.

Many years later, Mundungus Fletcher stole it when he stepped into the Black house and had to involuntarily cede it to Dolores Umbridge. After a lot of planning and a slight mess, Harry, Ron and Hermione managed to steal the locket from the Ministry of Magic.

Since they couldn't destroy it immediately and didn't want to stow it somewhere, they had to wear it around their necks. But by doing this, the locket can influence the wearer's feelings, make him more aggressive and depressed, which led to a big argument between Harry and Ron - whereupon they split up.

When Ron is led back to Harry, he had to save Harry directly. He climbed into an ice-cold lake because he saw Gryffindor's sword shining on the ground and wanted to get it. The locket took this chance and tried to soak him.

After Ron rescued him and retrieved the sword, Harry placed the Horcrux on a fallen tree and opened it by speaking Parseltongue. Ron with the Gryffindor sword at the ready, ready to strike right at it.

But a shock wave pushes them back and makes them fall. While Harry has a fever in his ear, the "something" talks to Ron, makes hundreds of spiders appear and crawl towards him. After that, it shows Ron pictures of Harry and Hermione that she chose Harry and not Ron.

This makes Ron so angry that he runs towards Harry with his sword raised and one assumes at first that he wants to hit him. However, he drops the blade with all his might on the Horcrux, destroying number 3 of the Horcrux.

Helga Hufflepuff's goblet

Little is known about Helga Hufflepuff's chalice, but it was definitely once owned by the witch Hepzibah Smith - who also owned Slytherin's locket. Allegedly the chalice is a family heirloom and she is the direct descendant of Helga Hufflepuff. But that cannot be verified.

Tom Riddle stole the goblet at the same time as Slytherin's locket and presumably used the Hepzibah murder to create another Horcrux. He then kept the goblet in Bellatrix Lestrange's dungeon, in Gringott's wizarding bench.

Harry, Ron and Hermione broke in there by posing as Bellatrix Lestrange. Once in the dungeon, a duplication spell awaited them. This duplicated everything they touched, what they almost buried under it.

They found him, however, rescued themselves spectacularly on a dragon, but lost Gryffindor's sword to Griphook the goblin, who led them to the Gringotts magic bank and then tricked them.

In order to still be able to destroy the chalice, they wanted to go back to Hogwarts to use a tooth from the dead basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets. When they got there via detours and danger, this time it was Hermione's turn to destroy a Horkurx.

She lifted the tooth and stabbed the chalice. At the same moment Voldemort suffered excruciating pain and gigantic masses of water formed in the Chamber of Secrets. Instead of killing them, Voldemort's face appeared briefly, making both of them soaking wet. To celebrate the destroyed Horcrux and their lives, Ron and Hermione kissed extensively afterwards.

Ravenclaw's tiara

The diadem once belonged to Hogwarts founder Rowena Ravenclaw, but her daughter stole it and fled to Albania. The reason for this was that the diadem gave its wearer a significantly higher level of intelligence. Engraved into Ravenclaw's tiara is a famous quote from Rowena:

Excessive wit is man's greatest treasure.

When Rowena got seriously ill, she sent the Bloody Baron to look for her daughter. When he found her in a forest in Albania and she refused to go with him, the baron killed her. Horrified by what he did, he took his own life because he was actually in love with Helena. The diadem remained hidden in Albania, in a hollow tree.

During Tom Riddle's time at Hogwarts, he managed to find out this story from her with his charm. So he then traveled to Albania and found the diadem. After turning it into a horcrux, for which one does not know the death for it, he arrogantly hid it right in the room of wishes.

Much later, during the great final fight, Harry also found out the location of the diadem through Helena's ghost. So he went there with Hermione and Ron, followed by Blaise Zabini, Gregory Goyle and Draco Malfoy, who wanted to stop them.

When the fight between the six broke out, Hermione disarmed Draco and Goyle fired the killing curse Avada Kedavra in Hermione's direction. Furious, Ron ran after the three of them, determined to finish them off.

But Gregory's stupidity showed up here again, because he conjured up a "demon fire". Since he couldn't break it, he threw his wand in and later it fell in too and died. At the same moment Hermione and Harry found the tiara when Ron was already screaming, followed by the fire, walking towards them.

When they escaped from the fire, they found three flying brooms with which they flew towards the exit. On the way, however, they saw Draco and Blaise, surrounded by fire, and couldn't leave them behind. They saved the two of them and just got out of the room of wishes.

Once outside, Hermione tossed Harry the basillisk tooth and stabbed the Ravenclaw tiara on the floor. Again a kind of smoke, the soul of Voldemort dissipated and threw Harry back, while Ron reacted with lightning speed and kicked it into the burning Room of Requirement. Three Voldemort heads appeared in the fire and came towards the door, but the room closed at the last moment and the fifth Horcrux was destroyed.

Harry Potter

Harry knew by now that he was a Horcrux himself. When Voldemort killed his mother and Harry had survived the Avada Kedavra curse, the dark lord's soul parted once more and passed into Harry. So he had to die.

When Albus Dumbledore died, he bequeathed in his will that Harry would get the first Golden Snitch he caught - including a riddle. When Harry finally figured out how he had caught it, he put the Snitch in his mouth and it opened. One of the three Deathly Hallows appeared, the Resurrection Stone.

Later he went, including the stone, into the forbidden forest to face Voldemort. On the way there he turned the stone three times in his hand and was accompanied by his parents Lily and James Potter, Sirius Black and Remus Lupine.

Once there, he faced Voldemort and let him kill him. Voldemort suffered another terrible pain, but at the same time joy, because Harry was finally dead. Then Hagrid, who was captured by the Death Eaters, had to carry Harry in front of the entrance to the great hall.


The final Horcrux is his serpent Nagini. Before Harry died, he protected Nagini with some kind of barrier and did not let it by his side. But when Harry reappeared in front of the entrance to Hogwarts and the great fight between him and Voldemort started, Nagini was free again and crept through the castle.

She attacked Ron and Hermione and while Ron was still desperately casting a spell in their direction that was simply blocked by the barrier, the two stumbled and Nagini lunged at her. Before the snake reached the two, Neville Longbottom came from the side with the Gryffindor sword and beheaded the snake, which immediately dissolved in a kind of smoke.

A scream of fury and slander escaped the dark lord and he attacked Harry with slightly moist eyes and even more anger. The last fight between the two began ...

After the Horcruxes

Now that all Horcruxes had been destroyed, only Voldemort had to be killed and how could it be otherwise than in a final battle between him and Harry. Harry used Expelliarmus as always and Voldemort used Avada Kedavra, of course.

In the meantime Voldemort had got the Elder Wand, but Harry is the actual owner, so Lord Voldemort could not win the fight. His spell bounced back on him and the elder wand flew into Harry's free hand. To underline the death of Voldemort a little more, the body falls apart into individual, small shreds and flies away - including one last scream.