What is the future of education 3

Tablet or Humboldt? (1/3)The future of education between market and people

Schools and universities increasingly have very heterogeneous learning groups, there are more high school graduates and more students, digitization calls for new qualifications, the economy is complaining about a shortage of skilled workers and Bachelor graduates without professional qualifications. At the universities, there is a discussion about who gets access and also the aim with which the course should actually be completed.

The first part today deals with the school sector, which is in a phase of constant reform in all three countries. In Germany, for example, many federal states are going back to the extended G9 grammar school and there is a discussion everywhere about which types of school there should be in addition to the grammar school. Ilka Hoffmann, Head of Schools at the Education and Science Union, wants a secondary school for everyone, because there you learn not only professionally, but also socially. At the same time, digitization is a huge issue in schools. The Austrian educationalist Jan Böhm sees opportunities in digitization, but warns that schoolchildren currently do not even know how to use digital media. Jürg Brühlmann from the Swiss Teachers' Association is skeptical about the experiments in his country because they are often promotional events by large corporations. So how do students learn to move around in the digital world? And what else does the school need to do justice to everyone?

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Ilka Hoffmann, Head of Schools in the Education and Science Union

Prof. Jan Böhm, educational scientist at the Upper Austria University of Education

Jürg Brühlmann, head of the educational department of the Swiss Teachers Association

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Banned elsewhere - tablet classes in Switzerland (Dietrich Karl Mäurer)
Swiss cantons are trying out digital teaching with the support of global corporations.

Leaving no child behind - the comprehensive school Barmen (Frank Krieger)
The commitment of the Wuppertal School was awarded the German School Prize in 2015.

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