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Real Vietnamese recipes

Fresh, delicious and varied shows the Vietnamese cuisine, which is gaining more and more popularity in Germany. With just a few ingredients, you can conjure up a dish that you will find in the Far East kidnapped. Today you no longer have to deal with your cravings Thai, Japanese or Chinese cuisine breastfeed, rather Vietnamese dishes enchant at any time of the day. On you will find numerous Recipes, tips, tricks and preparation methodshow you too can create the perfect Vietnamese dish. You don't need any previous knowledge or you have to stand in the kitchen for hours, just a few simple steps are enough to create something completely new.


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Very popular Vietnamese recipes


diversity The foreign influences bring into the kitchen of Vietnam

The Vietnamese recipes were heavily influenced by Chinese cuisine. in the South of vietnam however, put influences from the Indian and Thai cuisine firmly. Since the dishes do not have excessive spiciness, they are particularly digestible. Still, the Vietnamese cuisine is very much varied and full of contrasts. This is how they combine Vietnamese gladly cold dishes with warm dishes and sour dishes with sweet dishes. Enriched with typical spices, such as Anise or cinnamon, creates a subtle Flavor combinationthat you won't let go of. That is why you should find yourself in our rich Selection ofRecipes look around and into the world of Bún bò Nam Bộ, Thịt kho tàu or Bánh trôi immerse.

Original Vietnamese recipes are in many cases far more digestible, because in contrast to Indian or Thai cuisine, one renounces extreme sharpness. Aniseed and spiced cinnamon are just two of the myriad of subtle spice combinations that the Vietnamese cuisine make it so special and ensure a real taste experience.


The diverse ingredients of Vietnamese cuisine

The many strong and strong aromatic spices make the Vietnamese dishes very diverse. In addition, herbs in various forms are one of the basic components of Vietnamese cuisine. Not surprisingly, the herbs grow wonderfully thanks to the climatic conditions inVietnam. Therefore there is no dish that can do without it. The is particularly popular Classic coriander, but also Iceberg lettuce, mint or bean sprouts are served as a side dish. Even the dill that is common here can be found in the traditional Vietnamese cuisine again. In addition to herbs and spices, the Vietnamese use fresh ones Fish saucethat you can also make yourself. She serves like a kind Universal spice and comes in many Vietnamese recipes in front.

Quickly fried but with a lot of flavor

Typical for Vietnamese dishes is the extremely hot, but shortpreparation. meat and vegetables become fried very briefly. As a result, the dishes are cooked internally and roasted on the surface. The Vietnamese spring rolls in particular have been known and very popular in Germany for several years. In contrast to other Asian spring rolls, this one is not necessarily eaten fried, but can also be eaten raw or fried. That makes them far more digestible.

But Vietnamese cuisine is also known for the many types of noodle soups. There are innumerable Vietnamese recipes for tasty and wholesome noodle soups, which can be prepared with vegetables, meat, eggs or fish. The ingredients are usually added to the soup just before consumption. This means that all important vitamins and trace elements are retained. In this way, the soups are not only very healthy, but also varied, versatile and firm to the bite.

There is no question that Vietnamese cuisine is healthy and varied. Most Vietnamese recipes are rich in fresh and fragrant herbs and lettuce leaves. Recipes can be cooked quickly and easily. So if you haven't tried it yet, you should definitely try a few of these recipes.

On the following pages of you will find various Cooking recipes from the Far East. We have made it our business you really Vietnamese recipes available, because the dishes that you get in so-called Asian restaurants are usually not real Asian dishes.


Why Vietnam Recipes from this website?

Another bonus is that we try and cook pretty much all Vietnamese recipes ourselves. On the one hand, that we can also provide you with photos of the recipes and, on the other hand, we want to ensure that you only get delicious dishes from us.

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