Psychopaths blackmail people

Of relationships with psychopathic partners

Actually, I don't know exactly why I'm piqing this text. As a recommendation? As a rather not recommendation? Most likely because I would be interested in what you think about it. The author has dedicated herself to the subject of "psychopaths". Her two books are accordingly called "Surrounded by psychopaths. How to successfully defend yourself against difficult people (2015)" and "My (ex) partner is a psychopath. Ways out of the victim trap (2017)", their website consequently www.

But here you go: what is normal? What is pathological Isn't the term "psychopath" itself totally derogatory and thus also meta-psychopathological. Or does someone open their eyes? The ratings on Amazon range from 5 to 1 stars.

According to the author, psychopaths are characterized by increasingly extensive verbal abuse, devaluation and emotional blackmail towards their fellow human beings. She puts forward the thesis that people who had suffered violence in their early childhood now (unconsciously) pass this violence on, e.g. Sometimes also extremely subtle, and thus received a feeling of justice. At the same time, the psychopaths are very charismatic and skillfully manipulate their victims. Despite rule violations, insolence and self-love, they could bind other people to themselves. Like a carnivorous plant, she writes in the book.

The bottom line: You have to communicate differently with a psychopathic partner / boss. Or think twice about the whole thing. One can definitely give oneself exhausting justifications, explanations, requests, outbursts of emotion.

So far so good. Anyone who finds the topic exciting but prefers a more factual and less dramatic book: "Having fun at work despite being a boss. Understanding personality styles, helping to shape communication successfully and healthily" (Sachse, Collatz, Springer Verlag 2015).