What did cancer teach you about life

Her breast cancer costs Andrea a lot of strength, she is often tired, a tiredness that was previously unknown. Andrea also wants to convey that to the outside world. That it is an exhausting process to face cancer - and to find your way back to an active life. But Andrea can do it. With exercise in a group, sailing and running.

Breast cancer is a major psychological burden for Andrea. Even as a child she fell seriously ill and had only negative associations with hospitals and medical staff. Radiation therapy is particularly difficult; once it has to stop the treatment. The treatment triggers too much aggression and fears. Doctors respond to them with patience and attention. It is music that ultimately helps her to get through the sessions of radiation therapy: a piece of familiarity in a strange clinical world.

Andrea has been working independently in the restaurant business for many years and has contact with many people. When she fell ill, she found that some friends turned away. “That's when the wheat is separated from the chaff.” Her parents are especially there for her and give her support. She sails with her father before, during and after therapy - their shared feeling of freedom. She resigns professionally and learns to take care of her body. “Cancer taught me that less is often more. Like in a well-decorated shop window. "

Find out what brings new energy

When she is feeling a little better, she starts a fitness course especially for breast cancer patients. Your trainer goes exactly to your requirements and shows you exercises that you can do with a turban. In the group she feels supervised and begins to perceive the sport as a safe break. "If something should happen to me here, the others are still there to help me."

In the “Outdoor Fitness” course, she comes into contact with running, which she quickly enjoys. She trains regularly and with a clear goal in mind. After only half a year she is able to run a half marathon. “I really wanted to do it, no matter how.” She now runs around 10 kilometers and has found the right amount for her. In the hospital, she also makes new acquaintances and makes friends whom she meets in her darkest moments. She maintains these friendships to this day and takes an interest in their stories.

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