Who pays for health care in China

Health care in Shanghai

Although there are a large number of public hospitals in Shanghai and numerous smaller health stations, the medical quality in Shanghai clinics is often not comparable with the medical standard in Europe.

In particular, the high number of patients per doctor in Shanghai can mean that patients are diagnosed and treated too quickly and inaccurately. The Chinese health system is primarily designed for low treatment costs in order to keep health insurance contributions in China low. The treatment prices for illnesses in Shanghai are therefore surprisingly cheap in the public hospitals.

Private hospitals in Shanghai

However, if one is able to pay more for medical treatment in Shanghai than the Chinese health insurance company, then one can turn to one of the numerous private hospitals in Shanghai.

The private clinics in Shanghai are still mostly visited by western foreigners who live and work in Shanghai. The doctors practicing here are usually internationally trained and experienced, and European or American doctors can often be found here.

The medical standard in most international hospitals in Shanghai is comparable to that in Germany. However, so are the treatment costs.

Without one international health insurance treatment in a private clinic in Shanghai can be very expensive. The Chinese national health insurances do not pay for the treatment in these international hospitals.

Shanghai overseas travel health insurance

However, numerous private German health insurers have extremely cheap foreign health insurances on offer, which insure a stay abroad of several weeks for only a few euros and often offer health insurance cover abroad for up to a year.

A International travel health insurance for Shanghai insures the cost of medical care in virtually all private hospitals in Shanghai. One should definitely make sure to have travel health insurance valid abroad is and about a 24-hour emergency number disposes.

Because it can happen that private hospitals in Shanghai reject a patient who cannot prove that he can afford the treatment costs. This happens even if it is a medical emergency! The hospital in Shanghai can use the 24-hour telephone number for the German health insurance to request written confirmation that the costs will be covered before the medical treatment begins.

China Public Health Care

In the event of a medical emergency outside of Shanghai, health care in China is quite sufficient for emergency care. As a rule, the smaller the city, the worse the hospitals are equipped.

In particularly rural areas in China, you should therefore go to the nearest major city for medical treatment. In the event of a major medical procedure, however, it is safer to forego treatment in a public Chinese hospital and seek medical treatment in a private hospital in Shanghai.