Really like girls with six packs

This is how MAN makes an impression! | Women really like these 9 things!

Six pack? Broad shoulders? Or: beautiful eyes? What is really important to women in men? What do you find sexy? What are you into?

For decades, attractiveness researchers have been investigating the secret of attraction between men and women. Behavioral biologists and evolutionary psychologists from all over the world have come to one conclusion: women are driven by their primal instincts when choosing a partner. It's ALWAYS the same qualities that women love in men.

What women really want - read here:

1. A well-groomed face
Most women find a well-toned body strong, but a well-groomed face is more important to them. Scientists at the University of Western Australia in Crawley found that women prefer delicate faces. Why? Angular faces indicate too much testosterone and that means the guy is prone to infidelity. Women therefore tend to prefer soft, softer faces.

2. Pleasant body odor
“I can smell it good” - this saying is 100 percent truth. In fact, women can sniff who is a particularly good match for them. The body odor unconsciously signals whether the immune systems of two potential partners are compatible and whether they can father healthy children. In a wide variety of studies, men who had high testosterone levels were classified as smelling good. Those who perfume and groom themselves were also rated as more attractive. Vanilla-scented men performed best in the studies.

3. Deep moments
“Look me in the eye, little one,” says Humphrey Bogart in the hit movie “Casablanca” to his lover Ingrid Bergmann. And hit her heart with it. Why? For women, eyes are THE attraction magnet on a man's face. By the way, according to a study by the Norwegian University of Tromso, women prefer blue eyes. Blue-eyed men are automatically assigned a higher intelligence.


4. Knack-Po
Butt is the new front! Almost every second woman no longer just looks the guy in the eye on the first date, but rather, according to studies, primarily examines his imposing downside. Why? We live in a butt-crazy age, the butt has become a sex symbol. The ideal of women today? It has to be round and crisp - just real poetry!

5. Flat stomach
Men, you must be strong! Women like six packs and flat tummies! A study by the Finnish University of Turku shows that women prefer men with an (ideal) body fat percentage of 12 percent.

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Don't panic: women associate raccoon belly carriers with values ​​such as safety and security. Cozy!

6. Long legs
Long legs make you sexy! Women stand on athletic and long legs. According to a study by the University of Wroclaw in Poland, they rate long-legged men as more attractive. Explanation: Long legs symbolize health! According to research, most attractive: men whose legs are five percent longer than average (nine to eleven centimeters).

7. Beautiful hands
Guys can now tell on one hand whether women think they are beautiful! Reason? Every second woman looks at the fingers of the other person on the first date. And if the man's ring finger is longer than his index finger, then women judge the man to be more attractive. This is what scientists from the Scottish University of Stirling found out. Why? In men, a long ring finger stands for potency and sportiness.

8. Broad shoulders
Broad shoulders and narrow hips represent pure masculinity. In attractiveness studies, men with broad shoulders are rated as more masculine. (Warning: these men are also considered more open to one-night stands). The perfect proportion? When the guy's waist is 70 percent of his shoulder. That means with a shoulder circumference of 140 centimeters the waist circumference should be 94 centimeters.

9. The body size
It depends on the size! Women love it when the man is bigger than them. Why? Greatness symbolizes success. A study by Stockholm University shows that tall men have a more symmetrical physique, making them more attractive to women.


Little consolation! All studies also show that every MAN himself has an influence on the favor of the ladies. Women who care for themselves and keep fit are rated as more attractive.