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Cleaning the apartment or house is more of a chore than a real pleasure for many. With the right cleaning system, household chores are at least a lot easier. With us you will find powerful devices and coordinated systems that simplify house cleaning.

  • Kärcher window vacuum cleaner »WV5 Plus N«, battery charge for 35 windows, 28 cm working width, with accessoriesRunning time: approx. 35 min
    Working width: 28 cm
    Included: Accessories & charger
    per set
  • PARKSIDE® garden / street broom, with telescopic handleWorking width: approx. 40 cm
  • SILVERCREST® cordless broom »SABD 3.7 LI D4«, with roller brushBattery life: 70 min
    Capacity: approx. 700 ml
    Included: Utility knife & charger
  • SILVERCREST® UV mite vacuum cleaner, including suction and tapping modePower: 300 W
    Dust container: 125 ml
  • LEIFHEIT floor wiper combination setCapacity: approx. 12 l
    Specialty: Can be combined with the LEIFHEIT click system
  • LEIFHEIT cleaning aidsTelescopic handle / feather duster / window puller / tile and bathtub wiper / all-round broom
  • Vileda cleaning system, with power extractorWorking width: 16 cm
    Included: Handle, squeegee, bucket
  • Vileda complete set »Ultramax«, with microfibre coverIncluded: Ultramat system, Ultramat bucket with power press
  • Product-
    vileda “UltraMat Complete Box” floor wiper set, with bucket and power press, for all floorsSuitable for all floor coverings - also on parquet and laminate
  • vileda floor mop set “Turbo EasyWring & Clean”, mop and bucket with power spin2-in-1 mop & bucket / capacity: 6 l
  • Product-
    vileda floor mop set “UltraMat Turbo”, with bucket, mop cover and power press, foot pedal2-in-1 microfiber mop cover / foot pedal for centrifugal dosing
  • vileda “UltraMat XL” floor wiper set, including bucket with PowerPress, microfiber coverSimply wring out with the new PowerPress / hands stay clean and dry
  • LEIFHEIT “Profi micro duo” floor wiper, with an angled handle, for stubborn dirtThe ideal floor wiper for large areas
  • Vileda mop replacement head Turbo 2in1 Easy Wring & Clean, 2-partSuitable for all surfaces / washable up to 60 ° C
  • Kärcher window vacuum cleaner KWI 1 PlusBattery life: 25 min
    Container: 100 ml
    Working width: 25 cm

What are cleaning systems?

All household helpers that are used especially for cleaning floors are generally referred to as cleaning systems. This includes both electrically operated devices and simple models without a power supply. A distinction can also be made between wet cleaners and dry cleaners in terms of devices, sets and systems. Depending on the household and equipment, different cleaning systems are useful as basic equipment:

Vacuum cleaners and high-pressure cleaners in particular are not necessarily part of the initial equipment and can also be borrowed from specialist retailers for a fee if required. However, if you often use the devices for cleaning at home, the purchase is worthwhile in the long term.

Which cleaning device is suitable for which floor?

Not every cleaning system is suitable for every floor or every room. Sometimes the wrong device can even cause damage, so the choice should be carefully considered. The following table provides assistance:

Cleaning device Soil type information
broomSmooth floorsChoose soft bristles for sensitive floors
high pressure cleanerSmooth floors outdoorsParticularly suitable for stubborn dirt
Floor wiperSmooth floorsWell suited for large areas / rooms
MopSmooth floorsWell suited for areas with many corners
vacuum cleanerSmooth floors, carpetsAdjust nozzles and attachments depending on the floor
Vacuum cleanerSmooth floors, short pile carpetsAlso suitable for mattresses and other textiles

What alternatives to classic cleaning systems are there?

Whether operated with electricity or not, whether cleaning with water or dry: the classic cleaning systems still have to be operated by hand. And even with the right performance, cleaning large rooms or removing stubborn dirt can take a lot of time and effort. If you want to make everyday cleaning a little easier, you can therefore fall back on modern cleaning equipment and cleaning systems. At the top are here Vacuum robot . The small devices remove dirt and hair from the floor without having to operate them. Some models are even combination devices that can vacuum, wipe and dry. With long-pile carpets or stairs, however, the robots reach their limits and the suction power is also lower than with a standard vacuum cleaner. When cleaning windows, there is also support from intelligent devices. Window cleaning robot clean large panes without help and in a very short time. Alternatively, a Window vac be of great help and replace the rag.