What Are Some Good Christmas Cards Sayings

Christmas greetings: 50 examples of sayings, quotes and poems

There are many ways to send Christmas greetings. This can be done either with a text, a nice Christmas saying, quotes or even with a poem. We provide an overview and give you numerous examples so that you can make your loved ones happy.

Write Christmas greetings

Write Christmas greetings - but do it right

Every year we are desperately looking for nice - and especially Christmas - words for our fellow human beings. A Christmas saying, a poem or a quote can help with writer's block and formulation difficulties. They can be written very nicely on a card or are suitable for inspiration if you want to get creative yourself. There are Christmas greetings in all shapes and colors. It is not always easy to find the right words for the right person. That is why we make a preselection for you.

Interesting info: The first Christmas cards were printed in London in 1843. They showed a happily celebrating family. A few years earlier, postage costs in Great Britain were standardized. This made it affordable to send postcards and the custom of sending out Christmas cards developed.

Sayings for Christmas

Sayings for Christmas are not only suitable for small gift tags. They also make a great addition to the text you have written yourself on cards or letters for Christmas. The nice thing about Christmas sayings is that they are not boring to read and that they stand out from the usual Christmas wishes. Often short and concise, they usually convey a happy mood or a little wisdom. Not too serious and not too personal, they are basically suitable for any type of Christmas card for acquaintances, business partners, colleagues, friends or family.

There are many different themes that can be picked up to suit Christmas. You can say Christmas wishes, show your gratitude or say something in general about Christmas and what it means to you. Christmas sayings are also easier to write yourself than you would think. Below are a few examples for inspiration and then a little guide on how you can create your own Christmas saying.

  1. Fairy lights shine in the dark,
    and many candles light up with charm,
    sparkling children's eyes -
    that's how it gets light and warm in the heart!
  2. Fir trees, tinsel, balls and lights
    Baked apple scent and happy faces
    Joy in giving, the heart expands
    I wish you: a Merry Christmas!
  3. We want to wish you for the holy feast
    the most beautiful of the beautiful, the best of the good!
  4. Ho, ho, ho ... We wish you all
    cuddly warm -
    luminous contemplative -
    heavenly calm -
    angelic -
    calorie bombing -
    and Christmas with strong reindeer.
  5. It's time for love and feeling
    only outside does it stay really cool.
    Candlelight and apple scent,
    yes - Christmas is in the air.
    We wish you many a nice hour
    in your close family circle.
  6. What i wish for you:
    The family united. Forget all quarrels.
    Expenses in the pantry.
    Knock on the door.
    Friendly faces.
    Piles of parcels.
    Card greetings from all your loved ones.
    Not forgetting anything.
    That nothing should burn.
    Laughs and little sillies.
    Hugs and Kisses.
    Happy memories.
    I wish you with all my heart,
    that everything may come true for you,
    what Christmas means-
    a little warmth in the depths of winter,
    a light in the dark.

Write your own sayings for Christmas

Write your own sayings for Christmas

If you want to make an extra effort, you can also write a saying for Christmas yourself. Friends and family in particular are sure to be happy about an individual saying. Take: numerous Christmas terms of every part of speech, a few rhymes and quiet to think about. Names can also be woven into a Christmas saying to make it more personal. To make it easier for you, here are a few suggestions. Maybe they'll give you an idea or remind you of your own Christmas party. This will make it easier for you to start writing. Rhymes will help you orientate yourself. So think about a few rhymes in advance and work your way around them in terms of content.

Fir tree, snow, candlelight, Advent, Christmas time, silence, joy, rest, family, food, gifts, children, gingerbread, cookies, love, music, Santa Claus, Christ child, angel, church, shine, ice, mulled wine, tea, baked apple, Christmas punch, feast, tinsel, Christmas balls, stars, reindeer, candy cane, cinnamon, apples, oranges, chocolate

Bake, laugh, listen, listen, drink, eat, be happy, sing, shine, give, give, wish, reflect, enjoy, spread, lie, rest, relax, snow, shine

Christmassy, ​​light, dark, warm, cold, blessed, holy, happy, calm, quiet, loud, musical, delicious, sweet, loving, contemplative, fragrant, radiant, harmonious, happy, beautiful, great, relaxing, healthy, magical, fairytale, snowy

An example:
First food, then presents, then mulled wine into the night,
This is how it’s Christmas with us!

Delicious cookies, music and lots of fun,
There aren't that many people with us all year round.

I look forward to this time again every year
and every year there's a new Christmas dress for me.

Quotes for Christmas

Since quotes are usually quite short, it is advisable to only write them on one side of the Christmas card and also to write your own words on the other side. If only a postcard is to be sent, it is usually nicer to read what you have written yourself than to find just a simple quote. Quotes are particularly suitable for serious contacts such as your own boss; Colleagues with whom you have no close contact as well as for business partners or customers.

Quotes are more modern than poems and easier to read. They are formulated in a shorter and more colloquial manner. If you have a particular favorite quote that is appropriate for Christmas, feel free to let it become your trademark. Write it down on the card every year to complement your text.

  1. The secret of Christmas is that in our search for the great and extraordinary, we are drawn to the inconspicuous and small. - unknown
  2. When we realize that the time we take for another person is the most precious thing we can give, then we have understood the meaning of Christmas. - Roswitha Bloch
  3. The magic of this quiet time is lost in the candlelight. On tables, branches and the Advent wreath, he surrounds us in a flame dance and draws into our hearts at Christmas. - unknown
  4. Advent is a time when you have time to think about what is worth taking time for. - Gudrun Kropp
  5. The greatest events are not our loudest, but our quietest hours. - Friedrich Nietzsche
  6. In Advent, the time of lights, everyone quickly becomes a poet, because in this quiet time, a quiet word goes very far. - Achim Schmidtmann
  7. Time for love and feeling, today it’s only cool outside. Candlelight and the scent of cookies, Christmas is in the air. - unknown
  8. The sun cannot be without shine, humans cannot be without love. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  9. Christmas is not a point in time and not a season, but a state of mind. To hold peace and benevolence in one's heart, to be generous with mercy, that is, to carry the true spirit of Christmas within. - Calvin Coolidge
  10. We all do or should do it. We all come home or should come home. For a short rest, the longer the better, to take in and rest. - Charles Dickens
  11. The message of Christmas:
    There is no greater power than love.
    She overcomes hatred
    as light is darkness. - Martin Luther King

Quotes for business partners

Christmas greetings to business partners

At Christmas time you want to deal with the important things in life and get out of the world of work as best you can. Therefore, if you send Christmas greetings to a business partner, you should definitely refrain from advertising. At this particular time, it makes a good impression to rely on humanity and benevolence. After all, you get back to work quickly enough.

Make sure that your Christmas greetings are still professionally designed, despite the personal level. You protect yourself with courtesy and chosen language. Still, it's nice to include your personal touch. So when you send a quote to your business customer, add a few words of your own. Here are a few examples of quotes that are suitable for business relationships.

  1. The future depends on what we do today. - Mahatma Gandhi
  2. Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success. - Henry Ford
  3. Basically, it is always the connections with people that give life its value. - Wilhelm von Humboldt
  4. Anyone who stops hoping, dreaming and making big plans has stopped living. - unknown
  5. With a little of your own skill you can build a stable staircase from the stones that are inevitably placed in your path. - Robert Lembke
  6. Progress is so rapid these days that while someone declares a certain thing totally impracticable, they are interrupted by someone else who has long since realized it. - Albert Einstein
  7. If there is one belief that can really move mountains, it is always belief in one's own strength. - Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach
  8. Enthusiasm is the never-ending impulse that lets us persistently pursue our goal. - Norman V. Peale
  9. Our greatest glory is not never falling, but getting up every time. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
  10. Be yourself the change you wish for in this world. - Mahatma Gandhi

Funny Christmas greetings

Funny sayings for Christmas

For Christmas cards to friends or family, it can also be a funny Christmas greeting. After all, you want to put a smile on the face of your loved ones at Christmas. With a funny saying, however, the question arises whether the recipient really thinks it is funny. So you should know well the people you are sending Christmas greetings to. This way you can better assess their humor and be sure that your saying won't go wrong.

Children will certainly find a funny Christmas saying more exciting than a text. However, you should also make sure that the topic of your saying fits the addressee. A saying about mulled wine is unlikely to make a child laugh. To find approval, it is important to think empathetically and not to cross borders. For this reason, you should also avoid suggestive sayings. With them there is too high a risk that the recipient will feel harassed or offended.

  1. I'm little Santa, unfortunately I'm not standing in front of your house. That's why I'm sending you a handful of magic stars from far away! Merry Christmas!
  2. Do it like the Christmas bear - it doesn't take life that hard. Doesn't leave any worries through his fur, he loves the world warm and bright. And if it should be dark, he can enjoy it by candlelight!
  3. Christ Child, Christ Child, good guest. Did you bring me something? If you have something, then sit down, if you have nothing, then go right back.
  4. Around Christmas time, it seems crazy, suddenly nobody is depressed any more. Everyone is happy, laughs, and is in a good mood, as I am amazed every year. Where's that glee for the rest of the year? Then it comes to me: It's the mulled wine, that's for sure!
  5. Advent, Advent, a little light is burning. First one, then two, then three, then four, then the Christ Child is at the door. And when the fifth light is on, then Santa has slept.

Thankful sayings for Christmas

Many people find it difficult to say thank you. Christmas is a good time to catch up on that and make your fellow human beings happy. If you don't know how to express your gratitude yourself, you can also think about thankful sayings for Christmas. Here are a few examples you can use to say thank you. Since sayings usually only say thank you in general, you can also change them a little and make them more specific.

  1. A Christmas angel comes by
    send you a thank you,
    and wishes for two:
    That nothing ever separates us
    because nobody knows me that well.
  2. With you I come to rest ’,
    I like to listen to you.
    The Christmas cookies just for you
    because you ‘are special to me.
  3. Take and give,
    so life is.
    Because you give me so much
    I want you to get something too.
    A little gift,
    that's how you know I'm thinking of you.
  4. At this very special time, we look forward to sending greetings to all those whose friendship and benevolence we value.
  5. Christmas is the Celebration of Love,
    That's why I'm writing to a little thief.
    You took my heart to you
    you cherish and care for it well.
    For this reason you should get a present
    You give me courage again.
    Thanks for being the best friend.

Short Christmas poems

Christmas poems

Christmas poems have the nice quality that they have a contemplative effect. They make you think and will soon create the Christmas spirit. In contrast to the Christmas saying, they are characterized by a classic choice of words. So they are suitable for more serious contacts. But the grandparents will also be happy about a nice poem that they may even know from their youth.

  1. Trees shining, trees dazzling,
    Giving sweetness everywhere,
    Moving in the shine
    Arousing old and young hearts -
    We have such a feast
    Some gifts venerated jewelry;
    We look up and down in amazement,
    Back and forth and over and over.
    (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
  2. Advent
    The wind is blowing in the winter forest
    the flock of flakes like a shepherd
    and many a fir suspects how soon
    she becomes pious and holy of lights,
    and listens out. The white paths
    she stretches out the branches - ready
    and fends off the wind and grows towards it
    the one night of glory.
    (Rainer Maria Rilke)
  3. The wind is blowing in the winter forest
    the flock of flakes like a shepherd,
    and many a fir suspects how soon
    she becomes pious and holy of lights,
    and listens out. The white paths
    she stretches out the branches - ready
    and fends off the wind and grows towards it
    the one night of glory.
    (Rainer Maria Rilke)
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