Are pornstars addicted to sex

Sex addiction: shooting porn as a form of therapy?

Sex is in your head when you wake up, when you walk past a woman or a man with a certain figure or clothing, when you see ankle boots or high heels with hot heels, and and and: pure sex addiction! Many people feel that way. Not just women who are about to ovulate and want to have sex, fast and much better. For people for whom constant thinking about sex and having sex are part of everyday life, the question arises whether shooting porn can be viewed as a form of therapy. Just watching porn doesn't help here. Help can only be created when it comes to sex. At least that is the idea of ​​those who take a closer look at human sexuality and the porn industry. Below are situations and avenues that make the subject of real sex addiction, rather than elevated sex addiction in porn, clearer.

Hypersexuality: burden instead of experiencing pleasure

Hypersexuality refers to both increased sexually motivated behavior and concrete increased sexual desire. It is therefore clear that sexual desire is higher than the average for men and women. The term is used in several disciplines. This is how hypersexuality is used in psychology (can only think about sex), medicine (permanent erection without taking medication, nymphomaniac), psychotherapy and sexology. Reasons for the existence of hypersexuality can be complex. As a rule, the reasons can be found in the psyche of the respective person and / or in his body. Hypersexuality can be diagnosed and is currently divided into the following disease classes:

  1. There is a fault in the impulse control, designation: F63.8
  2. Sexual dysfunction that is unspecified, but there is no physical illness or organic disorder, name: F52.9
  3. Other sexual disorders, there is no organic disorder or disease here either, designation: F52.8
  4. Sexual desire that is significantly increased, designation: F52.7

The classification is based on ICD-10. By the way, the term nymphomania is used exclusively for women. Calling a man a nymphomaniac doesn't work with that. Men are referred to as satyriasis instead of nymphomania.

Proven effects on the psyche

Sex clears your mind. Leads to the fact that the body relaxes through orgasms after the existing or building up tension. After that, not only is the body in a feeling of relaxation, deep strength and calm, but also the psyche. This gives an insight into what the psyche is like at this point if the orgasm has not yet occurred and there is not even a sex partner there. Hand jobs and sex toys, such as the Fleshlights masturbator, fucking machines for her or the womanizer, are only helpful for the moment. The desire for clear satisfaction is too intense. Then to have sex with another person, until finally the exhaustion of the muscles, the desire, the erection and ultimately the peace and strength in body and psyche return.

What does sex addiction mean in everyday language?

Sex addiction is one of those addictions that are not created or nourished by the ingestion of substances. Rather, it is an addiction that describes behavior that is out of control. This behavior provides the same signs as is the case with an addiction. Words such as powerlessness or obsession are rightly used in describing sex addiction. As with substance-based addictions, an extreme form is that sex can and is used as a pain reliever in this case. In countries like the United States, extreme-thinking, conservative groups refer to sex addiction as a disease. A specific diagnosis and the characteristics that are part of an official sex addiction diagnosis do not yet exist in expert circles. To get a better impression of when people are talking about sex addiction: People who have at least seven orgasms in six months have an above-average amount of sex. In addition, these people spend up to two hours a day with masturbation, sex, porn, etc. From the point of view of the experts, however, it should only become problematic when sexual behavior, behaviors and sexual fantasies take on such a large dimension that there is no room for other thoughts on other activities or everyday duties. The measure of the above-average sexual desire is the level of suffering exerted on the affected man or woman.

Use addiction to secure your monthly income

The idea of ​​earning money with one's load as an amateur or amateur, porn star or whore is of course more than obvious from our point of view. Since none of us suffers from sex addiction, we do not measure whether such a professional orientation is actually able to alleviate the suffering, pathological and addictive factors. For "mild" sex addiction, where the most important thing is the number of sexual encounters and opportunities, shooting porn or providing amateur sex live cams can be a real alternative. Ultimately, each of those affected has to decide for themselves whether it will help or just continue to make the addiction and the addiction circle worse. As an alternative to shooting porn, some of the sex addicts have turned to the role model of Alcoholics Anonymous and converted the Twelve Step Program to their addiction. In these groups, a distinction is made between affected groups, the anonymous groups, and the relatives groups, the anon groups.

Good or Bad Scenario? Two sex addicts find each other ...

It has its pros and cons. The for is clearly to be found in the fact that you do not have to explain anything with a partner who is also sex addicted. Then it's about sex, performing under acceptance. But what if sex addicts meet who have different levels of sex addiction? One more, the other less? Even then, like a relationship between a sex addict and a sexual "average" feeling person, the relationship can lead to similar or identical problems. Support from a self-help group, such as Anonymous Sexaholics or therapeutic support as a couple or individually, is always advisable at least in phases. The advantages of a relationship between a sex addict and a non-sex addict, however, are that the sex addict can always be brought into the "average" world of sexual needs and feelings by the other person. Not to be despised is the strength that has to be applied each time by the non-sex addict. Depending on the severity and the ultimate form of sex addiction, it is possible to live with sex addiction. If the level of suffering is too high, no independent economic provision is possible and if other activities are clearly impaired, then there is no avoiding the use of current knowledge about the treatment of sex addiction.

Further symptoms by which you can recognize people with a tendency to or 100% sex addiction!

The frequent masturbation per day is the number one factor in favor of a person with sex addiction. Everyday thoughts and the perception of one's own body and needs are predominantly geared towards sex. However, we at editors are careful with the following two factors. Frequently changing partners or watching pornography for several hours a day are not considered to be the average characteristic of sex addiction. For example, anyone who is with a sex addict of the same, stronger or weaker degree will, in the unlikely event, come up with the idea of ​​changing partners. Due to the high relevance of one's own sexuality and its satisfaction, hobbies, interpersonal relationships that have nothing to do with sex or work are neglected. As with an addiction to substances, everything revolves around satisfying one's own desire until a certain degree of calm has returned. Depending on the intensity of the desire, the degree of calm can sometimes be shorter, sometimes longer. In the case of sex addiction, one can and must speak of a compulsion from a certain strength.

Controversial: Sex Addiction as an Escape?

Addictions find fertile ground wherever people have problems dealing with difficult situations. Whether it is reaching for the bottle, the needle or the way through sex, ultimately brings the same and longed-for effect: The thoughts and the tension have for the time being gone or at least subdued. For many of the sex addicts, it is not about the search for physical or emotional closeness, or the person with whom sex is currently taking place. It's so impersonal and without deep intimacy, pure nudity, just pure sex. The rubbing of the bodies together. Experiencing sexuality, especially one's own, that and nothing more. The reasons for the occurrence and the respective type of sex addiction are varied. For example, a distinction can be made between stronger and less pronounced sex drive. The difference can be evolutionary and therefore innate. Furthermore, studies show that victims of abuse sometimes have an above-average sexualization of their own body due to the sexual assault. This can amount to phases of life or the whole of life. Sexually abused victims, depending on the case and person, may tend to be sexually ready immediately. Apply the behavior that has been trained in you by one or more people over a period of time. Sexual readiness can in some ways also be referred to as sex addiction, depending on the frequency it triggers. Victims of abuse also often tend to have sex when they want to harm themselves. Part of the therapy for sexually traumatized people is to learn to appreciate your body, to say no and to question the desire and willingness to have sex, which is like in a car, through the mind and listening to your own body.

Conclusion: take sex addiction seriously & not to smile at

Anyone who allows themselves to say to their partner, boyfriend or girlfriend in everyday life that he or she is probably a sex addict should reconsider this saying after this article. Sex addiction is not desirable, any more than wishing someone to become a smoker or a drug addict. It is slowly becoming clear: Sex addiction has many faces and none looks like a beaming Oscar winner. Accordingly, the term nymphomania or satyriasis used in everyday life, especially in the porn industry and porn literature, is anything but a well-chosen one. Sex addiction is a real addiction situation for those affected and for relatives. It is considered difficult even when two sex addicts meet or seek each other and have a relationship. The results of research into and treatment of sex addiction are still being driven forward. One way of getting a grip on sex addiction is to first stand by addiction and have it diagnosed according to today's definition factors. Another option is to use the 12-step program known from Alcoholics Anonymous in the USA. We wish every man or woman with sex addiction a significant improvement in their current situation.