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Always ready: who are these scouts?

Everything at the beginning

Scouting is a big community. This is both about fun and communicating important values. Scout groups meet once a week and depending on the age, games are played, larger activities are planned and carried out and scouting knowledge is imparted. As scouts, children and young people can come out from home and experience something with friends. They can do that Forget the stress of everyday life and just switch off.

Scouting values ​​and guidelines

to live in Hope, freedom, truth and active solidarity are the four guidelines of scouting. But besides these, other principles also play an important role. Scouts respect and accept other people and are polite and helpful. They form their own opinion, stand by it and stand up for it in public. In addition, scouts try to live and are as environmentally conscious as possible a large community that welds together regardless of age. The aspect of responsibility plays a particularly important role. The three pillars of scouting are Responsibility towards oneself, towards others and towards God.

The founder of the Boy Scouts

lord Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell. Every scout should know this name. Or at least the abbreviation "BP". This is because he founded the scouts and hosted the first Boy Scout Camp on Brownsea Island in 1907. On this basis he then published the guidelines of scouting in a book and thus promoted the rapid spread of the movement around the world.

Boy Scouts around the world

The World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM)is a world scout organization that currently has 36 million scouts from 160 different countries. The associations that belong to the WOSM wear a symbol on their gaps World league lily, which symbolizes the cohesion of scouts around the world. In addition to the World Federation lily, each association also has its own lily because it is the symbol of the scout movement.

Associations and dpsg

Overall there is Germany-wide more than 260,000 scouts. These are distributed among various associations such as the Association of Christian Scouts and Boy Scouts or the Association of Scouts and Boy Scouts. The largest association in Germany is the German Scouting Association Sankt Georg (dpsg). The symbol of the dspg is a lily, which symbolizes faith, cohesion and the three pillars of scouting.

District and Diocese

In the dpsg, each tribe belongs to a districtwhich summarizes a large or a few small cities. These districts in turn belong to a diocese that is geographically broader. Accordingly, scout actions at the diocesan level are always much larger than those at the district level. But these also require one intensive planning and great organizational talent.

Stefan Fleige (30), district director of dpsg Bochum and Wattenscheid & Wö manager: "As a district, for us it means above all else the networking of the tribes with each other and representation in committees of the city in focus. Which includes but also regular major events. So on this year's Whitsun weekend we were with 650 scouts from the Bochum and Wattenscheid districts in the Sauerland. Events like this make our community really tangible. "

Trunk and steps

In Scouting, however, a trunk has absolutely nothing to do with a tree trunk. The tribe is the home of every Boy Scout. In larger cities there is often one tribe per district, so that everyone can live out their hobby near their home. All ages are always represented in a tribe. The group size can vary greatly depending on the location.

The Wölflinge (short: Wös) are the smallest and seven to ten years old. Then come the Young Scout (short: Juffis) with 11-13 years. On the Boy Scouts (short: Scouts) those aged 14-16 follow Rover aged 16-21. From 18 you can become a group leader. In this case, there are no limits to age. When you get too old for a level, there is a level change. How this works out is up to each tribe. Sometimes there is also an elf level in which the children are younger than seven years.

Is that a uniform?

Don't scouts always wear these shirts? No. That means with the scouts not a shirt, but a gown. The whole thing has little to do with a uniform. The gap differs depending on the association, for example in color. But Patches are sewn on every crevice. Some patches are compulsory, for example the one that provides information about nationality. Otherwise you can sew on whatever you want. Patches from different camps or actions, from his association or from the tribe. The fuller the gap, the more colorful it becomes and suggests that you've been a boy scout for a long time.

Additionally, boy scouts carry colorful scarves. These are available in five different colors in the dpsg. Each level has its own color. The Wös wear an orange bandana and the Juffis wear a blue bandana. The scarf is green for the scouts and red for the rovers. The ladder is given a gray scarf. As long as you keep your first colored scarf, the colorful fabric triangles are very suitable for swapping. This symbolizes Open-mindedness and international community between scouts from all over the world.

The Boy Scout Promise and Faith

Scouts volunteer at each level Boy Scout Promise from. This relates to the three pillars of scouting. In scouting, belief plays a big role, but who or what you believe in is irrelevant.

Maximilian Strozyk (30), Boy Scout & Priest: "As scouts we can believe in a God who loves and accompanies us humans. As we call him: Yahweh, God or Allah, is the decision of each individual."

The older you get, the more thoughtful and detailed the promise is. Everyone wears their cloaks at the Promise Party, there are candles or torches and those who promise put their hands on the dpsg banner in a boy scout greeting. Making a promise is always an experience, because the place is always special and it is a beautiful ceremony.

Boy scout greeting

The boy scout greeting is a simple hand sign. The index, middle and ring fingers protrude normally from the hand. They symbolize the three pillars. The thumb holds the little finger down, like the big one that would protect the little one. If you give your hand to a comrade, both of them spread the little finger from the hand and otherwise shake hands normally while the right hand shows the boy scout greeting.

The spreading of the little finger with a normal handshake was that under National Socialism Identification mark for boy scouts. This enabled them to recognize and trust their comrades, even though the scout movement was banned and suppressed.

Another family

Katharina Heil (22), Head of Wö: "Boy scouts are family to me."
The scouts can like a second family be. If you have known each other for a long time, experienced a lot together and simply lived this special community, you always feel at home together, no matter where you are. Even when you meet strange boy scouts you always have the feeling that you know the character of this person anyway.

Robin Großkopf (20), Juffi manager: "I can say that scouting with me my most important socialization authority and that it made me who I am. And I am a scout leader because I want to give back to the children what I received back then. "

So no cookies after all?

Lukas Büscher (20), Head of Wö: "Being a boy scout doesn't mean selling cookies and helping grandmas across the street, it is cosmopolitan and enterprising to run around the world. "

The prejudices that prevail in many people's minds about Boy Scouts mainly stem from the fact that these people do not know what Boy Scouts really do. Also, these Clichés in movies frequently picked up and so further spread. The only prejudice that could be true is the motto "Every day a good act". Even if it is not practiced on a daily basis, Scouts themselves sometimes have this statement on their mind. However, scouts always go through the world with watchful eyes and help where it is needed. Whether that is then several times a day or once a week happens doesn’t matter.

Camp and rides

Atalay Sahinbas (20), Rover: "The camps serve more of that Gathering of friends and the Escape from everyday lifethan sleeping in the forest itself. "

Scouts love to be on the go and always on the lookout for the next adventure. Summer holidays are always on for one to three weeks in the summer camp. It doesn't matter where you go. The main thing is to be in touch with nature and as a community. There is always a program with various games and promotions and in the evenings you often sit around the campfire, sing songs and tell the best scout stories. For a couple of days, each level goes for itself on hike. That means that you pack everything you need. From the tent to the stove to the food, everything is included. You start running in the morning without knowing where to sleep in the evening. In a pinch you can switch to campsites, but it's much cooler To camp with a farmer in the field or with private persons in the garden.

Whitsun is also a fixed date for most scouts. The Pentecost camp is often organized by the district or the diocese, so that several scout tribes go away together and some terrain games are one size larger. Many tribes also go to Advent in Advent Advent camp or just a weekend away in between. The more often you go away together, the better.

And the more you experience, the more stories you can tell yourself in the evenings around the campfire years later.