How do I clear the cache from the iPhone

Delete the history and cookies from Safari using your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

Here you can find out how to delete your history, cookies and the cache in the settings.

Clear history, cache and cookies

To erase data from your device, do the following:

  • To clear your history and cookies, go to Settings> Safari and tap Clear History and Website Data. Clearing history, cookies, and search data from Safari doesn't change autofill information.
  • To clear the cookies and keep the history, go to Settings> Safari> Advanced> Website Data, then tap Remove All Website Data.
  • In order not to leave a history while surfing, activate or deactivate private surfing.

If there is no history or website data to clear, the setting will be grayed out. If you've set screen time restrictions on web content, the setting may appear grayed out.

Block cookies

Cookies are data components that websites place on your device in order to recognize it. To determine if Safari is blocking cookies, tap Settings> Safari, then tap Block All Cookies.

If you block cookies, certain websites may not work. Here are some examples:

  • You may not be able to log in to a page with your correct username and password.
  • You may be advised that cookies are required or that they are deactivated in your browser.
  • Certain features on websites may not work.

Use content blockers

These are third-party apps and extensions that Safari can use to block cookies, images, resources, pop-ups, and other content.

To get a content blocker, do the following:

  1. Download a content blocking app from the App Store.
  2. Go to Settings> Safari> Content Blocker and set up the extension you want. You can use more than one content blocker.

If you need help, contact the app developer.

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