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Inquiry: What goes down well with men on a 1st date

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Go wild and talk a lot about yourself or do you prefer to listen? Show yourself as openly as possible or act more mysteriously? Express your sympathy openly or do you prefer to shut up? And where in general? A first date is sometimes as tricky as an interview.

So it is high time to ask a few "test subjects" or experts for advice: We therefore asked men what makes them flee on a first date and what makes them want to see each other again. After all, who could know better what men like or dislike than those affected themselves? Here are honest first-date tips - from men!

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First date tips: 1. The outfit for the first date

Not directly on the whole

"She shouldn't try to go all out right from the start. A totally provocative outfit on the first date is not my thing. Instead of sitting in front of me like a mega vamp, she should - at least at the beginning - rather relaxed, humorous and personable After all, you want to get to know each other first. "

"Unfortunately, super high heels do not work! To be honest, I hate everything that is not natural. So if she struts on 15 centimeter heels on the first date, then I'm out. For me, naturalness is the most important thing on the first date!"

Make a little effort

"My last date came to me without bothering with her look, while I was getting ready for the date. If you want to please someone, that's part of it. I was real in that case what disappoints. "

First date tips: 2. Who pays on the first date?

Not automatically invited

"When the bill comes - whether after dinner or a simple coffee - she shouldn't systematically assume that I'm paying. At least she should pretend she's looking for her wallet! Of course I would invite my first date anyway, but anyway ... It is a matter of principle and courtesy! "

"What also totally repels me is when the girl at the end of the restaurant visit takes it for granted that I will pay without even bothering to pull out her own wallet."

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First date tips: 3. Where to go on the first date?

"She shouldn't meet me in a trendy bar just because it's super hip right now. It's so loud in some bars that you can only shout at each other. Most of the time I invite my dates over to dinner. Um to arouse my interest, she has to love life and all the beautiful things that go with it. Above all: good food and good wine. If a woman visibly enjoys my dishes and has fun eating, then she has captured my heart! "

Not a good idea

"She shouldn't suggest going to the cinema for the first date. It's not particularly suitable for getting to know each other, because you just sit next to each other in silence. And there is one more thing she should refrain from doing at all costs: let herself run and tell her entire pre-love life."

First date tips: 4. No sex on a first date: is that so?

"As for the famous question of whether you go to bed with someone the first time or not: There are no rules for me. It's a matter of feeling. Any kind of calculation should be avoided on a date: It falsifies just the game. Directness and spontaneity are better. "

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First date tips: 5. What goes down well?

Be open

"In any case, it has to be open, very simple. Nobody needs prejudices and deadlocked opinions. I like spontaneous, uncomplicated and courteous women who, for example, simply talk to the people sitting next to them in the café understands well, there are actually no taboo subjects for me. "

"I love it when a simple after-work cocktail with a girl spontaneously pulls out into the middle of the night. Very important: With a lot of imagination and little artificiality, she has the best chances with me!"

Attention is the key

"I like it when a woman anticipates my wishes, even if they are only insignificant details: when she hands me the salt before I ask for it, when she suggests a film that I really wanted to see, when she gives me one ordered a second glass when I have to spend a few minutes on the phone for little boys or on the phone. Not only is that nice, it also shows that she is attentive. And I like that! "

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First date tips: 6. What doesn't go down well?

No comparisons, please

“You shouldn't keep making comparisons like:“ You see, you're at least something and not like that idiot from Ex! ”You have the stupid premonition that one day you will be the next idiot. And that's not a particularly tempting idea . "

"I am totally frightened off when a woman, instead of having fun, constantly grumbles about everything. The wine is too warm, the food too cold, the dessert too sweet ... That's actually my most important tip for dates: Don't mess around with everything . And I don't particularly like gossip and gossip. "

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First date tips: 7. How much should I reveal on my first date?

Information about the ex helps

"I think it's good when a woman talks about her ex-boyfriends. That is interesting from a purely strategic point of view. It helps me to better assess the situation: I know whether I am capable of doing it better than my predecessor or whether I can avoid it to make the same mistakes he does and do things she hates. "

Do not play directly with open cards

"I like it when a woman does not immediately reveal her intentions with regard to me. I find it more exciting to feel that things have not yet been resolved. I like challenges! My tip: be mysterious in order to seduce a man!"

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First date tips: 8. What is top, what is flop?

Top: The small characters

"I am very moved when a certain closeness immediately arises between two people who do not know each other at all. When a look, a smile or a joke is enough. There is nothing better than being on the same wavelength right away! When she also talks about sex without any taboo, then: Wow! "

Flop: Tell without a point or a comma

"I work on the principle that a first date is there to get to know each other better. So when a woman starts chatting to our table neighbors, goes on the cell phone every five minutes or talks forever with the waiter, then that really drives me to desperation. If I bore her, then I don't want to stop her! "

"She shouldn't give monologues. After two hours she has told you her whole life and knows nothing about you. Apparently she doesn't care at all who I am. Everything has already happened!"

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The 1st date: the most important tip

There are certainly no generally applicable tips for the first date. Every man has different ideas about the perfect first date and therefore has different tips at hand. But you can see: With men, naturalness and informality are much better received than the mega big show. So just be yourself and feel good. That is perhaps the most important tip of all.

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