The Pacific and the Atlantic meet

Impressive video! Why it looks like the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans are meeting here

  • Images of differently colored bodies of water in the Gulf of Alaska are circulating in social networks
  • It is claimed on Facebook that the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans meet there
  • But that is not true

Gulf of Alaska. For years, photos of two oceans in different shades of blue that meet and supposedly do not mix have been circulating in social networks. This is also the case in a recent Facebook video. This phenomenon is often referred to on the web as the meeting of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans - but that's not true.

Photos, which show the different colored water masses, come from the Gulf of Alaska. As the "Alaska Dispatch News" reports, this phenomenon is the meeting of seawater and iron-containing meltwater with glacial sediments. The meltwater comes from the coast of Alaska.

Masses of water mix at some point

Sea and melt water have different colors, which create the visual effect of the different shades of blue. Marine researcher Ken Bruland, professor at the University of California-Santa Cruz, tells Alaska Dispatch News that it is not true that the differently colored bodies of water never mix. “At some point they mix,” says Bruland. Before this happens, the numerous photos of the water spectacle are taken. (leve)