Is it wrong to hate poor people?

5 mindsets that distinguish rich people from poor people

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Wealthy entrepreneurs think differently than “normal” people. Their thinking leads to them making different decisions and dealing with their time differently. While many believe that wealthy people are just lucky in life, a lot of happiness comes from these five mindsets ...

1. Ordinary people sell their time. Wealthy people buy time.

Wealthy entrepreneurs know that time is a commodity that they cannot control. No matter how hard you try - time always plays against you.

So they buy other people's time and can use their own time more effectively.

  • Tasks that they are not good at.
  • Tasks that follow a certain system and already bring in money.
  • Tasks that are routine work.

Rich people do not do all these tasks themselves, but let others do them.

This is the only way they will have enough time to develop their company and earn more.

2. Ordinary people believe that wealth is bad. Wealthy people know wealth is good.

You have probably heard someone say to you that “there is too little money in the world”, “money doesn't make you happy” or “money only creates problems”.

Certainly this person has had money problems, is jealous of successful people or too lazy for their own financial success.

Successful entrepreneurs think completely differently. They know that money is a sign that they have given the world something of value.

They know that money can influence the lives of many people and whoever wants to can do a lot of good with it (see Buffett, Branson or Gates).

Money is not something bad or bad, it is something wonderful. You have to love it to attract it - and that's exactly what wealthy entrepreneurs do.

3. Ordinary people buy. Wealthy people invest.

Many people spend a typical Saturday “shopping”. In other words: wandering around in shops senseless and looking at how you can spend your money.

With no plan, no real need.

Because it is so exhausting and takes the whole day, you buy a few drinks in between and have a nice meal as a reward for the many beautiful things you have bought.

No wonder that the savings with such behavior are always small and these people always remain in the middle class.

Wealthy people invest instead. They try to avoid buying things they don't need as much as possible.

You only buy things that last a long time, or even better: increase in value.

For example, normal people buy leather shoes with rubber soles several times a year. Wealthy people buy quality leather shoes with leather soles and have them covered by a shoemaker if necessary.

Even if you pay more in the short term, your shoes last many times longer, become more and more comfortable over time and often look even better. This is just one of many examples ...

4. Normal people concentrate on saving. Wealthy people focus on earning.

To save money, you need tough character and discipline. Saving shapes and trains a person to be in control of their emotions. Still, normal people focus almost exclusively on saving and never get wealthy as a result. Very few people earn so well that they can put back really large sums on a regular basis.

Wealthy people also save (even more disciplined than normal people) but mostly focus on making more money. They have multiple sources of income, they let their money work for them and avoid selling their time. Only in this way do they have a realistic chance of achieving prosperity. If you don't believe it, you can do the math. Even if you could save 1,500 euros every month, you only need 56 years to become a millionaire and have foregoed a lot during that time.

5. Ordinary people hate yours. Wealthy people love to sell.

Already in childhood you realize that you “shouldn't speak too loudly”, “have to hold back”, “stay humble and not show off”, because otherwise others think badly about you. While some of these traits are good, they are hugely harmful to someone who wants to become wealthy and successful.

Ordinary people feel bad when, for example, they ask for a decent fee for their work. They believe that because of this, other people like them less and that only greedy people do this. From their point of view, you have to stay humble. If you're good enough, everyone else will notice and come to you.

Wealthy people feel positive about selling something or promoting themselves. They look forward to it and know how valuable their work is. They stand behind their product or their performance and believe that they will have a positive impact on other people and their lives. This self-confidence and conviction can be felt by other people and that is precisely why wealthy people are such good salespeople.

Very often, normal people are performing just as well as wealthy people. However, because normal people are reluctant to sell themselves, they earn only a fraction of what successful entrepreneurs earn.

What is stopping you from thinking wealthy?

All of the above are extremely critical and important to all people who want to get wealthy. Especially the last point. If you find yourself having trouble making yourself look good, it is time to do some research and consider why that is. Is your performance really that bad or is it your low self-esteem?

What do you think of the above differences?
Can you think of more?

We look forward to your opinion by email or in the comments.



Photo: Scott Smith

We're giving away the first 1,000 copies of our new book:

Rituals of the rich: Why toil makes you poor and the truth about quick success

Register here and FREE Save copy:

For you today FREE!