Processed meat is carcinogenic

How sausage makes you sick

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Many studies show that sausage can make you sick.

Everyone in Germany eats around 80 grams of sausage per day - on average. Since the steadily increasing proportion of vegetarians and vegans has already been included in the calculation, the actual consumption of sausage eaters per capita is even higher. It has been proven since 2010 that processed meat can cause cancer.

Processed meat includes all meat products that have been modified by processes such as salting, smoking, maturing or fermenting. These include, for example, ham, sausages, salami and ready-made burgers. Other processed foods, such as ready meals like pizza and pasta sauce, can make you sick if consumed in excess because of their ingredients.

Study: Those who eat a lot of sausage die earlier

Scientists at Harvard University found out in 2012 that those who eat a lot of processed meat die earlier. For their study, the researchers analyzed the diets of 37,698 men and 83,644 women over a period of up to 26 years. Although cardiovascular diseases and cancer had been excluded from all test subjects in advance, almost 6,000 participants died from cardiovascular diseases and more than 9,000 from cancer.

The results were clear:

  • Who a daily serving Red meat eats, whose risk of death increases by 13 percent.
  • Who daily processed meat eats, increases the risk of death by as much as 20 percent.

The effect depends on the dose:

  • With every 50 grams more meat processed per day, the risk increases further.
  • Study participants who replaced a meat dish with other protein, such as fish, dairy products, or legumes, were able to reduce their death rate.

Statistically, nearly 17 percent of the study participants could have prevented their death from cardiovascular disease or cancer if they had reduced their consumption of processed red meat.

Processed meat: studies show risk

In the meantime, numerous international studies have confirmed the results and proven in many cases that the consumption of processed meat is unhealthy. Time and again it has been shown that consumption increases the frequency of cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

For example, an evaluation of nearly 1,600 studies by researchers from Harvard University School of Public Health showed that 50 grams of processed meat a day increases the risk of heart disease by up to 42 percent and the likelihood of diabetes by about 19 percent.

In the case of stomach and colon cancer in particular, the connection has now been so clearly demonstrated that the World Health Organization (WHO) has classified processed meat in the same hazard category as tobacco, asbestos and alcohol - as "carcinogenic in humans".

Why does processed meat make you sick?

It has not yet been researched why processed meat makes you sick, what exactly is the decisive factor or whether several unhealthy properties come together. Three guesses:

  • Processed meat is often cured or salted. In the body, the nitrate forms carcinogens with the stomach acid Nitrosamines.
  • Another factor is the preparation: when the pan roast is very hot or when grilling aromatic hydrocarbons and amines. They are also considered carcinogenic.
  • There are many in sausage saturated fatthat lead to an increase in cholesterol and promote cardiovascular disease.

How Much Sausage Eat?

So far, the German Nutrition Society (DGE) still recommends consuming a maximum of 300 to 600 grams of meat and meat products per week, i.e. 42 to 85 grams per day. In view of the risks that have been known for years, nutritionists consider this to be far too much and recommend a maximum of 20 grams per day. This is roughly equivalent to a thin slice of ham.

In other countries, however, the guidelines have long been reviewed and adapted to current scientific knowledge:

  • So had Canada the food group meat and dairy products was completely replaced by "protein food" in the diet recommendations at the beginning of the year.
  • Also in the United States The professional associations are now recommending significantly reducing the meat content in favor of a plant-based diet.

Legumes such as chickpeas in particular are considered by nutrition experts to be a good alternative to meat products.

How Much Meat is Healthy?

Germans like to eat meat. It fills you up, provides important minerals and essential vitamins. However, too much can also be harmful. more

Experts on the subject

Dennis Heider, nutritionist
Falkenweg 24, 21717 Fredenbeck (near Stade)

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Martin Smollich, head of the pharmaconutrition group
Institute for Nutritional Medicine
University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein - Lübeck Campus
Ratzeburger Allee 160
23538 Lübeck
(0451) 31 01-84 01

Dr. Silja Schäfer, specialist in general medicine, nutritional medicine, sports medicine
Doctors on the Au
Stony 116
24107 Kiel-Suchsdorf
(0431) 31 43 44

additional Information
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