Why is email not popular in China

China etiquetteGifts for Chinese business partners

In the case of long-standing Chinese business partners or colleagues, western company representatives should orientate themselves on the personal preferences of the recipient. To do this, it is helpful to know the hobbies and interests of business partners. Eating together or leisure activities offer opportunities to ask about personal preferences.

When Chinese business partners are visiting Europe, you can find out their preferences. For example, which national or local specialties you like particularly. Such personal gifts, which are brought with them on the next visit, hit the hearts of Chinese business partners. They realize that they are important and that their western business partners are worried about what they would be happy about.

German cars enjoy a good reputation in China and are considered a status symbol. A corresponding model of the respective dream car could be a suitable gift. If you also equip this with an individual license plate and the number combination 888 or 999, you wish the recipient great wealth or a long life.

In the case of gifts, however, the respective hierarchy in the Chinese company should also be considered. Company owners and executives receive a more valuable gift than a production manager or secretary.