What is clubs in fishing

Short club - long club? What do you all mean?

This year, Mrs. Santa put the longed-for flies rod (Grays XF2 9` # 5) under the Christmas tree. :) Now, of course, I still have to choose the right line. Unfortunately, once again I can't try all possible lines, so orders are more or less "blind" over the Internet.

The line should definitely be a WF floating class 5.
So far I have fished a Cortland SL Rocket Taper WF F # 5 on my beginner rod. Then today I did a few test throws on the lawn in the pouring rain and was pretty enthusiastic about the rod. However, I want to go further (... if I have mastered the technology correctly. :))

And now to the real question:
What kind of club would you recommend to an advanced throwing beginner, longer or shorter? The area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication will probably be primarily the trout lakes and larger rivers in Norway, where there is space for casting and yet it can go a long way.

I've already picked out a few lines: Guideline 4cast (club 10.8m); Zpey Silence (club 12.8m) or Rio Gold (club 14.3m).

As I said, I am unfortunately not the best thrower yet. But I don't want to buy a new line all the time. Is it possible to go straight for a long club, or does it take over as an "advanced beginner"?

I would be very happy about a few opinions on it.

Best regards