Powdered bone broth is good

All measures to heal the intestinal mucosa at a glance

  1. Practice intestinal-friendly nutrition, pay attention to individual intolerances
  2. Cleanse the colon - either quickly with enemas or Glauber's salt or gentle natural laxatives such as linseed oil, prunes or the like and or slowly with bentonite or zeolite and psyllium husk powder.
  3. Rehabilitate intestines
  4. Measures that directly heal the intestinal mucosa, strengthen tight junctions and have an anti-inflammatory effect
  5. Agents that form a natural layer of mucus or promote the intestinal mucous membrane cells' own production of mucus
  6. Probiotics to build up the intestinal flora

We have summarized what you should also pay attention to during the regeneration of the intestinal mucosa in our article The 30-day intestinal program, under “3. Accompanying measures ".

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