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Ahmadinejad's controversial speech on October 26, 2005 in Tehran, Iran at the conference "A World Without Zionism", translated by Eckart Schiewek / Sprachendienst des Deutschen Bundestag.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaks during a conference in Tehran entitled "The World Without Zionism". (& copy AP)

The conference was hosted by the student movement in the run-up to "Jerusalem Day" and the Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA) published a report on October 26, 2005 with the text of the speeches made. [1]


After the opening ceremony, the representative of Hezbollah (Lebanon) in Tehran, Sheikh Safiuddin, read a message from the Secretary General of Hezbollah (Lebanon), Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah. At the end of this speech, President Ahmadinejad arrived, but did not immediately speak. Another speech was given by Hodschatulislam Ali Akbari, Representative of the Supreme Leader [Ayatollah Khameneyi] in the Union of Islamic Student Associations, Director of the National Youth Organization and Vice President of the Republic. [2] This was followed by a speech by President Ahmadinejad, after which a message was read out by Abu Usama Abd al-Ma'ti, the representative of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas Movement) by the leader of the movement, Khalid Masch'al.

Speech by Ahmadinejad

Ahmadinejad climbed the podium and went to the lectern, accompanied by the loud blessings of those present, who also slipped him a few letters.

At the beginning of his speech, Ahmadinejad admonished his audience that if they had to shout the slogan "Death to Israel" [marg bar Isrāyīl], they should shout it right and heartily.

The President warned all leaders of the Islamic world that they were on the verge of an intra-Islamic split [fitna]; "If some, under the pressure of the hegemonic order [nazm-i salta], take a step towards recognizing the Zionist regime through incomprehension or simplicity, or egoism and hedonism, they should know that they are burned in the fire of the Islamic community [umma] and to be marked with the mark of eternal shame on their foreheads. "

As reported by ISNA, Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on the occasion of his participation in the conference "A World Without Zionism" organized by the Union of Islamic Student Associations as part of the general study movement [junbish-i dānishāmūzī]: "I thank God Almighty [khudā-yi buzurg] that I partake of the honor was allowed to participate in this conference ".

He continued: "What a pilgrimage of shining faces, our sons, grown up, alert, believing and loyal to the revolution! They have wisely and cunningly recognized the most important matter of their time, especially this central problem of the Islamic world! And they play a positive and decisive role. For your presence, my dear young heroes, I thank God Almighty! "

Ahmadinejad went on with the question: "What is the real meaning of the term Zionism? Certainly you have numerous programs throughout the event which deal specifically with it, there are certainly also studies in this area, and you are certain to have a lot familiar with this topic, which I will come back to in a moment. Nevertheless, my contribution will not be without interest. "

The president continued: "We must first see what is really the problem of Palestine? Are the fighting in Palestine a war between a few Jews and the Muslims and non-Jews? Is it a war between the Jews against all other religions? Is it Is it a war of one country against all other countries? Is the dispute limited to the territory of Palestine? In my opinion, the answer to all these questions must be negative. "

He also said: "The establishment of the regime which conquered Jerusalem was a grave offense of the hegemonic system [nazm-i salta] and arrogance [istikbār] against the Islamic world. Between the world of arrogance and the world of Islam, a historical one is raging Struggle that goes back hundreds of years. "

Ahmadinejad added: "In this historic struggle the situation at the front has changed several times; in one era the Muslims had the upper hand - they were active and looking ahead. At that time the world of arrogance was in constant retreat . "

Ahmadinejad went on to say: "Unfortunately, for the past 300 years the Islamic world has been in retreat from the world of arrogance."

While explaining that it was not about exploring the root causes, but only enumerating the historical facts, he continued: "During these past 300 years the last strongholds of the Islamic world collapsed and the world of arrogance established the regime who occupies Jerusalem as a bridgehead for rule over the Islamic world. "

The president of our country stated that "bridgehead" is a military term: "When two groups or armies meet and one side takes the initiative and goes to the opposite side, conquers a section of territory and fortifies it, if it then build a fortress there to strengthen it to expand [own] zone, then we call this a bridgehead. "

Ahmadinejad stated: "This occupying regime is indeed a bridgehead to the world of arrogance in the heart of the Islamic world. They have built a fortress from which they want to extend their rule to the entire Islamic world. There is no reason or purpose for it this country."