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You can personalize your links online via the personal area. Punctual reporting is a guarantee.

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Convince yourself of our service with a one-time payment from a forum link and benefit from our fair packages. The links do not have to be set directly, but you can save them for later times.

With us there are no cumbersome arrangements about Excel tables or individual e-mails. After your backlink order, you can add the anchor texts, link targets and even the desired day (+/- 3 days) conveniently via your web browser choose.

Reliability and punctuality are not just empty words for us, but indispensable qualities. You will receive the reporting of all links set so far every Monday sent punctually by email.

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In simple terms, backlinks are links which lead from website A to website B. Such links are important in order to increase the ranking on Google. The world's largest search engine lets its so-called "crawlers" wander through the web day and night. In this way, Google can recognize new websites or notice changes. Among other things, these "crawlers" also look for links that lead from page to page. If Google recognizes that high-quality links from different websites lead to a single one, this page is very important and relevant in the eyes of the search engine, which in turn leads to an increase in the Google ranking.

Forum links are simply one of the different ways to get cheap backlinks. Nowadays there is a forum for every imaginable topic. The more often it is used and the lower the SPAM score, the more important this page is in the eyes of Google. And since our SEO experts make it possible to place a link on a topic-related basis, this is like a gift for a higher ranking. In addition, backlinks in forums are recommended, as some readers of the topic also come across the link, follow it and, ideally, enjoy the linked website.

We use the term content links to designate links that have been set out of a comprehensive text. This can, for example, be a post that is published on a third-party blog. The website on which you want to post a link should be visible in the Google search results, must not be a spam page and, in the best case, should also be relevant to the topic. An example: You run a website on which you write reviews for books. A backlink from the website of the Berlin State Library brings you a lot more than from a moped workshop.

Your advantages when working with our backlink agency.

As one of the largest backlink agencies with many High quality forums in many Countries, we are very proud to award this prize. This enormous reach gives us the opportunity to spread and polarize topics widely on the Internet. We have already helped numerous customers with their projects to get ahead at Google and are thus significantly involved in increasing your sales.

Considerable labor savings

Since professional link building is very time-consuming and labor-intensive, it makes sense to outsource this activity in order not to neglect the respective core business of the company. Punctual and structured reporting helps you to keep an eye on the backlink measures carried out in the long term.

In order to build links that have a beneficial long-term effect on the search engine ranking, a lot of experience is necessary in addition to specialist knowledge. Our customers benefit from our 10 years of experience, the results of our SEO research and our mathematical methods.

Even if high-quality backlinks are not available at dumping prices, we pay attention to fairness in our pricing. Our services are also useful for smaller companies or start-ups, as we also pass on low prices for content links to our customers.

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Owner pastry shop

We turned to the SEO agency ROCKET BACKLINKS to take over all of our SEO marketing. After just a few months, we were amazed at how quickly and how far you brought us forward in Google.
It's a lot of fun to work with the whole team. If you have any questions or problems, they will help you very quickly.
We as a company will continue to work with ROCKET BACKLINKS and we can only warmly recommend you.

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I used to build all of my backlinks for my niche sites myself and lost a lot of time in the process. Thanks to ROCKET BACKLINKS, I can now convert more pages in less time and have thus been able to increase my sales by 400%. I can only recommend the service.

SEO manager

Since, in our experience, OnPage SEO only has a limited influence on the ranking and we want to achieve fast and sustainable results with our customers, we only rely on backlinks from ROCKET BACKLINKS for OffPage SEO. I can only praise the great support at this point.

Senior OffPage Manager

We work for in-house SEO for a well-known automobile manufacturer and are therefore forced to build many strong backlinks. With ROCKET BACKLINKS we have found a partner who can implement this high number of backlinks in the time required.

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What are backlinks?

In principle, it is nothing more than links to Internet pages that refer to other Internet projects. If the web project A refers to the website B via a hyperlink, this link represents a backlink for the project B. Normally, such link references are included, provided that the linked website provides helpful information on the respective topic and offers real added value for site visitors. If a link is set out of this motivation, it represents a good recommendation and points to a high-quality, topic-relevant website. The operators of search engines are of course also aware of this, which is why good and strong backlinks are of great importance with regard to SEO.

Google backlinks as a ranking factor.

Search engines like Google provide websites with a large number of interested, free visitors and, in the case of commercial Internet projects, mostly also potential customers. However, this only applies if a website can be found in relevant search queries, i.e. if it occupies the best possible position for such queries. That is why good search engine ranking is an extremely important criterion for the success of web projects. For this reason, especially in the case of commercially oriented Internet offers, investments in search engine optimization are indispensable in order to increase the success of your own website. When optimizing websites for search engines, two different work steps are necessary in principle. On the one hand, the pages to be optimized have to be revised as part of the on-page optimization and designed for specific search terms or phrases. On the other hand, it is important to ensure that there are good external links, known in technical jargon as off-page optimization.

Since links that are set naturally are a quality feature for Internet pages, they represent an important ranking factor. This is why off-page optimization is very important. The aim of this work step in search engine optimization is to create as many relevant links as possible. However, there are a few things to consider here, because not all links have a beneficial effect on search engine ranking. A multitude of inferior SEO backlinks often causes the opposite, i.e. deterioration of the positioning up to a complete loss of ranking.

Correct link selection.

In general, German backlinks from websites from DACH (Germany, Austria or Switzerland) that have topic relevance, good content and good link popularity are to be preferred when building links. Also, there shouldn't be too many outbound links on the pages. In addition to websites that can be assigned to the same or a related topic, blogs and thematically appropriate forums can also be considered as useful link sources. Links from such sources usually provide the desired added value for users of the links, which is why they usually have a meaningful and beneficial effect on the search engine ranking of the linked website. A good mix of link texts is also very important. If the same anchor text is used all the time or too often, there is a risk that search engines will suspect manipulation and there is a threat of a penalty in the form of a downgrade in the ranking.

Link building with article links.

Generating high quality backlinks is possible for an internet project using different approaches. It is customary to first look out for good link sources in order to then contact the operators of the websites or blogs in question and ask them to set the appropriate links. It is quite possible to find site operators in this way who are willing to place the desired link, but usually something in return is required.

Such services can also be, for example, Google backlinks, the free provision of high-quality content or, in most cases, the payment of a certain amount of money. Here it is always important to consider whether the required consideration is appropriate or, for example, too high an amount to be paid for a link. In addition, a distinction must be made between so-called DoFollow links and nofollow links, as it is possible for website operators to use the nofollow link attribute to signal search engines not to evaluate these links. When building links, DoFollow backlinks are generally preferred in order to improve ranking for certain search terms. However, it is important to maintain a natural relationship between follow and no-follow links.

Link building with forum links.

The procedure for forum links looks a little different. As a rule, forum operators do not expect anything in return, but it is not easy to place links in forums. Under no circumstances should the suspicion arise that a link is only being placed for the purpose of establishing a link. As a rule, this not only results in the quick removal of the link, but is also detrimental to the reputation of the linked page. However, if an experienced SEO succeeds in placing a forum link permanently, it is very useful for ranking. A link that we have set in careful work is not only used for search engine optimization, but often also delivers many interested visitors who follow the link in the forum. The best and easiest way to build high quality backlinks is for many companies to hire a professional agency to build links for their websites. At ROCKET BACKLINKS you can benefit from our large and constantly updated pool of available forums and buy high-quality backlinks.

Investment in quality backlinks.

The financial expenses for setting up high-quality links depend, among other things, on individual customer requests, the workload and any costs that we may incur through payments to the operators of Internet pages. Therefore, general information does not make sense at this point. In general, however, good SEO backlinks have their price and the costs increase with the quality of the respective links. You can find forum links in three different packages at fixed prices.

However, entrepreneurs who plan to outsource link building are advised not to save at the wrong end and to take advantage of cheap offers when buying links. Such offers to buy links can often be found in webmaster forums or on auction platforms and promise a large number of backlinks at extremely low prices. The link sources that are used in the context of such cheap offers, however, are mostly of no use, rather they are often more of a real link sling. They not only lack topic relevance. Since the risk of penalties from search engines like Google increases with the number of such inferior links, it is not only not sensible to invest in such offers, but also very risky.

Conclusion: Buying backlinks is worth it.

For operators of commercial Internet projects, it is definitely worthwhile to invest in high-quality and topic-relevant backlinks. Ultimately, these links result in better search engine rankings for relevant search queries, which usually leads to a significant increase in company profits. The costs for professional link building are therefore amortized quickly and companies that make use of our service benefit.

Among other things, we use mathematical formulas to select the right forums with the best impact on your Google ranking. The link building is carried out directly after the purchase in the time window you have specified for this. With us you can buy useful German backlinks (e.g. forum links or content links) - uncomplicated and at fair prices. This is what ROCKET BACKLINKS stands for!

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Our insider tips for forum link personalization

The personalization offers you the possibility to tailor your link building individually according to your own wishes. We have listed a few tips below for natural link building. Our studies have shown that compliance with these criteria has a very positive effect on the ranking of websites.


Link target

Please enter the full URL here that the forum link should refer to. Make sure that the protocol is specified correctly when using SSL (e.g. https: // www.).


Anchor text

We recommend using a large proportion of URL anchor texts and varying the anchor texts widely. Since the Google Penguin updates, keywords should only be used sparingly and not in sequence.



We will set your forum link on this date (+/- 3 days). We recommend avoiding brief bursts and spreading the links over an extended period of time in order to create a natural link profile and avoid penalties from Google.


(Sub) category

So that we can set your forum links from forums that are as relevant to the topic as possible, we need an exact specification of the category for each link. If several categories apply, select them alternately if necessary.

An example of the use of anchor texts.

No repeating patterns should be discernible when building links. Alternate between the start page and sub-pages and alternately select variations of the URL and different texts as anchor text. Depending on whether you are also building content links, keywords should be used sparingly or very rarely.

Forum link 1 - Link target: https://www.rocket-backlinks.com/ - Anchor text: https://www.rocket-backlinks.com/
Forum link 2 - link target: https://www.rocket-backlinks.com/forenlinks/ - anchor text: a detailed description
Forum link 3 - link target: https://www.rocket-backlinks.com/ - anchor text: on rocket-backlinks.de
Forum link 4 - Link target: https://www.rocket-backlinks.com/ - Anchor text: https://www.rocket-backlinks.com/
Forum link 5 - Link target: https://www.rocket-backlinks.com/forenlinks/ - https://www.rocket-backlinks.com/forenlinks/
Forum link 6 - link target: https://www.rocket-backlinks.com/forenlinks/ - to be found here
Forum link 7 - Link target: https://www.rocket-backlinks.com/ - www.rocket-backlinks.com

After ordering, you can edit your copied forum links.

Please wait with the text creation. The customer must first pay for this request. You will then receive a separate email upon receipt of the payment. Otherwise we cannot pay out your proceeds.

OK, understood

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