Is Liberia a safe country


Liberia: the key figures

Area: 111,369.0 km2

Population: 4,129,000

  • The wildlife in the Nimba Mountains reserve.
  • The hospitality of the people.
  • The country has been heavily influenced by the civil war.
  • Absence of French diplomatic missions.

Liberia: what to see

Liberia: what souvenirs should you take with you?

On the streets of Monrovia, you'll see tailors selling brightly colored fabrics and embroidered clothing. Liberian handicrafts produce sculptures made of ebony or mahogany wood and objects made of stone. You come across sculptures made of soap stone, which represent a symbol of fertility among the Kissis. You can also buy ritual masks, jewelry, small metal figures and reed dolls. The shops are general
Open from Monday to Saturday between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. and between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.

Liberia: what to eat

The staple food is rice, which is prepared with various foods such as dried fish. Fish can be served with sweet potatoes cooked in coconut cream or with prawns in palmnut sauce. Other dishes include chicken broth, cabbage with bacon or pork knuckle and baked bananas. The goat soup is the national dish. Fu-fu is a popular dish that consists of a meat stew with spinach and is served with palava sauce. The Liberians
like to eat sweet desserts such as cake made from sweet potatoes, coconuts or pumpkin. Peanuts are used to make all kinds of biscuits and desserts. The Liberian rice bread made from banana puree is a real treat. The national drinks include palm wine or ginger beer. The local coffee tastes excellent.

Liberia: main cities

Liberia: what are the cultural characteristics?

Three religions are common in Liberia: Animism, Christianity and Islam. The last two are better known than the first. Anism is a religion or belief according to which nature is ruled by spirits such as wind, stones or animals.

Liberia: tips for your trip

Currently, Liberia is not a safe tourist destination. The civil war that has recently ended has left deep marks across the country and the resurgence of hostilities with Sierra Leone has made the country perceived as dangerous. If a major problem arises, French citizens have no protection as there is no French representation in the country.