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Test: are you the type for a one night stand?

Sex: yes, love: no, thanks: Anyone who decides on a one-night stand has a desire for passion without thinking too much or entering into commitments. Cuddling after sex? Change numbers? Another date? Nothing! This is about a hot night - nothing more and nothing less.

How about you Are you the type for a one night stand? Or would you better keep your hands off the unique number? Take our test and find out!

Good to know: 10 important rules for the one-night stand

A one night stand is not suitable for everyone. Not everyone can separate sex and feelings for themselves and many people need trust in order to physically open up and let go of someone. That is also completely ok.

But it is just as ok to find one-night stands to be ingenious and exciting. Why not? If both partners know what they are getting into at the moment and it is clear to both of them that this should be about sex without consequences, about a hot night, without obligations the morning after, then such an ONS is a pretty hot thing.

Just because you know each other at a one-night stand, there are a few DOS and Don'ts to be considered so that the evening does not turn into a super bust. Here are the most important rules:

If so, please do it correctly! The 10 commandments for a perfect one-night stand

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