Why is the fingerprint not used for voting?

Bundestag: Vote on mandatory fingerprints in identity cards on November 5, 2020

It is high time for a clear no to the general and unprompted fingerprint obligation, demands the Digitalcourage e.V.

[datensicherheit.de, November 2nd, 2020] The Digitalcourage e.V. reports that on November 5, 2020 at 9.15 p.m. the members of the Bundestag finally about the Fingerprint compulsory in identity cards should vote. Be it "High time for a clear no to the general and unprompted fingerprint obligation". That is called "Ten decisive SPD MPs" to contact and ask to vote against the fingerprint requirement.

Image: Digitalcourage e.V.

call: "Help out: No to fingerprint compulsory!"

10 SPD members of the Bundestag in the Interior Committee could prevent general and unprovoked fingerprinting

The date of the vote could possibly change - the current meeting schedule is online (see “Security in passport and document systems”). It is now especially in the hands of the ten SPD members of the Bundestag in the interior committeeto prevent the general and unprovoked fingerprint obligation. "Because it is up to these ten to inform the entire SPD in the Bundestag about the serious concerns about fundamental rights."

SPD in the EU Parliament 2019: Storage of fingerprints is neither proportionate nor necessary

The Digitalcourage e.V. demands: "The SPD should vote against the draft of the so-called law to strengthen security in passport and ID cards!"- that would be consistent. Because in 2019 the SPD already opposed it in the EU Parliament and explains: "[The] storage of fingerprints [is] neither proportionate nor necessary."

Fingerprint compulsory illegal and useless

“On October 26th, our campaigner Friedemann Ebelt was invited to the Interior Committee of the Bundestag and explained why the planned obligation from our point of view, but also from the point of view of the EU Data Protection Officer, the EU Commission and the EU Fundamental Rights Agency a mistake is. " The Digitalcourage e.V. takes the view: "The fingerprint obligation is illegal and useless. "

With GroKo decision of the fingerprint obligation as corrective only courts

As the Digitalcourage e.V. has learned from the Bundestag, the Union and SPD even tried that Law to pass without debate - and the, "Although there was a hearing in which both experts who had focused on the topic clearly rejected the fingerprint requirement". If the “grand coalition” passes this law by a majority, they stayed "As a final corrective for our fundamental rights only the courts".

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