Why are cats afraid of zucchini

Cats respect a few things. They walk confidently through the neighborhood, are not squeamish about their prey and often see themselves as setting the tone. But apparently there is one thing that gnaws at the self-confidence of cats: cucumbers.

Numerous videos are currently being shared on YouTube and Reddit in which cat owners scare their pets with the vegetables. The process is often very similar: the cat sits unsuspecting at the bowl, turns around, sees the cucumber in the corner of its eye - and escapes, sometimes with a long leap.

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Great stress for the animals

There are many attempts on the Internet to explain why cucumbers are the kryptonite for cats. Most assume that the shape of the vegetable reminds the animals of snakes. The British animal psychologist Roger Mugford also suspects: "Cats must be suspicious of unknown things - it could be a snake or some other enemy," he said telegraph. However, the researcher believes that cats would react similarly to other unfamiliar objects - such as artificial spiders or plastic fish.

Since the success of the videos, cat experts have also spoken out, warning against scaring your own pet with a cucumber. For example, the California animal behaviorist Jill Goldmann said that National Geographicthat the fright in the animals can lead to continued stress - apart from the risk that the cats injure themselves when jumping.