Why are there sororities

The sisterhood

The area of ​​responsibility of the Red Cross Sisters is very broad. They work as health and nursing staff, pediatric nurses, geriatric nurses, midwives, nursing assistants, schoolgirls ...

And: they are members of a DRK sisterhood.

We are women who work professionally in nursing. There are 32 DRK sororities nationwide with around 22,000 members. We are active in for our own association Hospitals, Children's hospitals, Social stations, Retirement and nursing homeswhose sponsor is a sisterhood or with whom the sisterhood has concluded a contract (presentation contract). Our tasks are the qualified training, further education and training, the construction, maintenance and operation of hospitals, old people's and nursing homes, nursing and children's nursing schools and other facilities.

As members of the German Red Cross, we belong to the worldwide Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

We help people only according to the degree of need, regardless of race, religion or political direction. Red Cross nurses are nursing professionals with a long tradition: the first sorority was founded in 1860.

We act according to the 7 principles of the Red Cross.

The Sisters of the Oldenburg Sisterhood of the Red Cross e.V., Sande, have been deployed in the Northwest Hospital in Sande for 70 years.