Is epoxy floor good

Epoxy resin - many positive properties

The durability of epoxy resin is enormous

The durability of the resin after curing is unusually high. However, epoxy resin is not particularly resistant to light. That is, it will yellow easily if no special clear coat is applied. Even if the epoxy is colored with special tinting paints or color pigments, it is not completely lightfast.

Reinforce properties

The high strength of the dry epoxy can be significantly increased. For this purpose, glass fiber fabrics are embedded in the liquid epoxy. Then, in the best case scenario, epoxy resin can achieve the same strength as steel. However, the weight is much lower and, above all, the epoxy is absolutely corrosion-free.

An overview of the positive properties of epoxy resin

Most of these positive properties only appear after the epoxy compound has cured completely. Therefore, not only the drying time must be observed, but also the curing phase.

  • high strength
  • Impact insensitive
  • good abrasion resistance and hardness
  • hardly any tendency to crack
  • resistant to acids
  • resistant to chlorinated hydrocarbons
  • resistant to alcohol, petrol, mineral oil
  • weatherproof
  • good electrical insulation
  • good tracking resistance
  • Epoxy resin is difficult to ignite
  • particularly low shrinkage due to drying
  • high dimensional accuracy
  • high adhesive strength
  • UV-resistant
  • Heat resistance very high
  • optimal thermal properties sometimes up to 250 degrees
  • high density around 1.20 grams per cubic centimeter

Negative properties of epoxy resin

There are of course not all good things about epoxy. But in relation to the long list of positive properties, the negative list is really short.

  • not completely lightfast
  • continues to burn once ignited
  • not resistant to highly concentrated acids
  • In its liquid state, it can cause rash and inflammation
When it comes to epoxy resin, too, manufacturers have developed special products for the various applications. Let us advise you on which epoxy resin goes particularly well with your project. If you want to cast a stone carpet, for example, an epoxy resin is usually specified that must be used.