The salary in HPE is revised every year

ISPM 15 / import regulations

Only companies that are registered with the responsible plant protection service may use the label. The plant protection service assigns the registration number on request and after the company has been checked. The registered companies are checked at least once a year for compliance with the requirements of ISPM 15.

Download the HPE guideline for packaging wood: Avoidance of mold infestation according to ISPM 15 heat treatment as PDF.


Heat treatment (HT)

56 ° C must be reached in the core of the wood over a period of 30 minutes.


Technical drying

This can also be carried out if the heat treatment values ​​are achieved. The advantage of technical drying is that mold growth is avoided.


Fumigation with methyl bromide (MB)

This is the only fumigation measure that ISPM 15 allows. In the EU, the use of methyl bromide is no longer permitted since March 18, 2010. The use of wooden packaging that has previously been treated with methyl bromide or comes from third countries and has been treated with methyl bromide is still permitted.


Microwave treatment (Dielectric Heating DH)

Here, 60 ° C must be reached over the entire cross-section of the wood over a period of one minute. The maximum permitted wood thickness with this method is 20 cm.


Treatment with sulfuryl fluoride (SF)

Sulfuryl fluoride (SF) treatment is permitted under certain conditions. Wooden packaging material, the smallest component of which is a piece of wood with a cross-section of more than 20 cm, must not be treated with sulfuryl fluoride. The same applies to a moisture content of more than 75% (based on the dry matter). Fumigation with sulfuryl fluoride must be carried out according to a plan that has been specified or approved by the competent authority.


Further measures

No further treatment measures are currently approved.


Packaging must be made from debarked wood. However, bark adhesions are permitted that


• are less than 3 cm wide regardless of length

• with a width of more than 3 cm are less than 50 cm² (credit card size)