Can hypnosis help with obesity

Lose weight with hypnosis

In the USA every second person is overweight, in Germany every third person. That means that millions of people in Germany alone suffer from obesity and its consequences (heart attack, stroke, diabetes, etc.). According to the WHO, obesity is the most underrated and neglected health disorder of our time.

Obesity is an addiction (obesity = obesity). The same applies to eating addiction as to all other addictions: it is a symptom, an expression of unresolved emotional issues. The function of food is to suppress the feelings associated with it and it is an unconscious attempt to solve the problem.

Eating too much and too often is always emotional too. You eat when you are sad or disappointed, when you feel lonely or when you are angry. Affected overweight people often describe that they are doing something good for themselves by eating. Very often they are also aware that by eating they are "making away" unpleasant feelings or filling an inner emptiness. However, overeating is not about taking care of yourself, such as relaxing, taking a walk, visiting the spa, or talking to friends. Eating out of control is an addiction, and will and mind alone are not enough to conquer an addiction.

It becomes clear: diet cannot solve the weight problem. Changing your diet to healthier foods is always advisable if you are overweight, but it cannot solve the problem. That's why millions of people find over and over again that dieting doesn't help in the long term, no matter how sound the name and no matter how great the promises are.

The last time I was in the USA, I saw a program that featured extremely obese young people who weighed between 125 and 175 kg. The host patronizingly announced, “We (the broadcaster) will help them overcome the problem. We'll provide them with a dietician free of charge. ”The almost pleading answer that one of the young men concerned gave his abusive mother in tears, he had obviously failed to hear:“ Mom, I CANNOT stop eating! ”He stuffed huge meals at every meal Portions of fast food and had groceries hidden under his mattress himself.