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The thickest man in the world. The most famous fat men in the world (50 photos)

The obesity problem in the world has been most acute in the past few decades.

Nervous work, stress, ecology, fast food - everything contributes to short weight. Read everything about the fattest people on planet earth in our article.

The thickest man in the world

Most obese person in the world in all history is an American woman named Carol Yeager, weight limit - 727 kilograms. She is also the fattest woman in the world. Carol was born in American Flint, Michigan in 1960. And even as a little girl, she began to differ from her colleagues in weight and impressive dimensions. The main reason for its abundance - an irrepressible appetite. Carol admitted that she was haunted by the desire to eat after experiencing extreme stress - one of her relatives molested her.

At 20, Carol Yeager weighed so much that her own legs couldn't support her. The girl was tied to the bed, she could not even make elementary movements. She was looked after by daughter Heather and paramedics. It was gradually becoming clear to everyone that weight was going to be a pretty bad joke about Carol's health. Every day it went downhill - the girl got fat. As a result, the American was able to reach out to the famous nutritionist Richard Simmons and the showman Jerry Springer. In the latter case, Carol began participating in and promoting the program. And she received free treatment as payment. However, it later emerged that she had received no help from the nutritionist.

Hoping to somehow improve her wellbeing, Carol Yeager began traveling to local clinics. But then she failed too - the doctors couldn't help her. from obesity and bed rest the girl began to find new diseases and their complications. Hospital stays became regular - one American woman was taken away 8-10 times a year. In addition, firefighters and their special equipment took part in every transport, otherwise it would simply not have been possible to get such a fat man to the hospital.

During another hospital stay, Carol reached a weight of 540 kilograms in 1993. She suffered from edema. The liquid did not have time to leave the body, which is why it further squeezed internal organs and even showed itself through the skin. At Hurley Medical Center, Carol Yeager was able to lose 150 pounds while sitting down a special diet ... They helped her withdraw excess water from her body. In addition, nutritionists allowed her to eat only 1200 calories a day. But losing weight didn't save the woman from heart failure, breathing disorders, and excessive blood sugar.

Carol returned from the clinic three months later and got fat again. The lost kilograms completely returned, the woman gained unprecedented weight - 727 kilograms. As a result, she became known as the fattest man in the world and the fattest woman. Her body width reached 1.5 meters, and her mass index was 251, while the norm was only 18-25. However, the weight of 727 kilograms was not officially registered. It was only confirmed by the public. Previously, representatives of the Guinness Book of Records had measured Carol, then she weighed 544 kilograms with a height of 170 centimeters. This mark was not enough for a new record.

After another hospital stay in 1994, Carol Yeager passed away. She died at the age of 34. Doctors recorded the weight at the time of death - 545 kilograms. The fattest woman is buried in a private cemetery in Flint. Only relatives and friends accompanied Carol on her last trip.

The thickest man in the world

John Minnoch is not only the fattest man in the world, but also officially the fattest man. He was born in 1941 on the American island of Bainbridge in Washington State. He was fat all his life. Nevertheless, he worked, communicated with people, lived full life, in a word ... As a young man he worked as a taxi driver. Then he was about 20 and already weighed 180 kilograms. With 24-25 years extra pounds The first problems came. In 1966, his weight reached 317.5 kilograms, and every day John Minnoch was getting fat. After 10 years it was already immense - 400 kilograms. The man stopped and moved very limited. Lives of lies and constant meals led him to a weight of 635 kilograms and a height of 185 centimeters. There was a large amount of fluid in his body - about 400 liters. It took 14 assistants to turn it over on the bed.

Nutritionists came to the aid of John Minnoch. And they appointed him strict diet - only 500 kilocalories a day. The man claimed that such a food restriction would only kill him. Only muscle mass decreases, not weight.

After the diet, John went to the clinic and took a special course on weight loss. The treatment was effective, and by 1981 the fattest man began to weigh only 215 kilograms. During the course, the man dropped 5 kilograms a week. They managed to remove excess fluid from the body ... But after discharge, the weight came back, which had been reduced with such great difficulty. In just one week, John gained 150 pounds. After such a dubious record, Minnoha was re-hospitalized and allowed to eat 1200 kilocalories a day. In 1983 the fattest man in the world died. At the time of his death, he weighed 363 kilograms. The man is survived by a woman and two children.

The fatest man in the world who could lose a record number of kilograms

The Mexican Manuel Uribe already weighed 130 kilograms at the age of 22. And it continued to gain weight quickly. It got to the point that since 2002 a man has not been able to get up and leave his Monterrey home. In desperation, he asked specialists for help. The Italians offered to perform an operation on him - to make an anastomosis, gastrointestinal tract ... But the man refused and went on a diet.

He ate dishes that were low in carbohydrates and high in protein. Doctors watched the process of losing weight. The situation changed dramatically when his beloved wife moved in with Manuel Uribe. Claudia was already married and her husband died of heart attack. Due to obesity, she began to help the husband do exercises and dance.

As a result, the 42-year-old Mexican lost 230 kilograms. Now he dreams of losing twice more weight to play the ball with his son Claudia.

The fattest kid in the world.

Jessica Leonard was born in Chicago. The world found out about her in 2007 when the girl shocked everyone with her appearance on popular American television channels. At the time, the 7-year-old child weighed 222 kilograms. And there were very specific reasons for that. Food was her greatest passion. Mom says that her daughter kept asking for food as soon as she got up after the next meal. In addition, their diet only included unhealthy dishes, mostly fast food. The girl happily devoured huge portions of french fries, fried chicken, chicken, pizza, cheeseburgers, hamburgers and washed them down with soda. On the day in the womb of the "baby" there were ten thousand kilocalories, while the norm in the child was only 1800. Caroline Shue Guge's mother said she just couldn't refuse a hungry child. Jessica developed tantrums and tearfully asked for more food.

As a result of such concessions, at 3 years old the girl weighed 77 kilograms, and at 4 - already 100. The American could not move independently or even stand. But she could crawl, sit, and roll, but with severe breathlessness. At the same time, Jessica had her first problems - first with movement, then with language. From heavy weight Leonard's body has changed - the bones of the legs are bent, the joints are frozen in an irregular shape. All of this comes with constant pain. Obesity on the face has made it difficult to speak, so the baby rarely speaks.

After a series of reports about the fattest child, the public was appalled. The police were inundated with requests for help for the child. People demanded that the bullying of the girl be stopped and that the mother be held accountable. Jessica was admitted to the clinic and was strictly fed. She was forbidden from eating fried, fatty, and starchy foods that were forced to exercise. After a year and a half, Jessica weighed 82 kilograms. However, stretched skin remained to be erased. After a series of surgeries, doctors plan to return Jessica Leonard to a normal life.

The editors of "KnowAll" advocate correct image of life - healthy eating and exercise ... In our next article you can read about the most inflated person in the world.
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How much can a person lift? February 13, 2017

There is such a photo on the network, under which they usually write that it is the Kazakh wrestler Baluan Sholak who holds the bull with weight 816 kg.

Of course, all this information has come to us from legends, but maybe before humans were in fact much stronger. Is it really possible for a person to lift such a weight from a scientific point of view? I quickly googled and found out that there was one person who lifted a fantastic 2800 kg.

Do not you believe me? Let's go under the cat ...

First of all, let's decide that in the photo it's not Baluan Sholak, but some kind of Mongol.

The photo is quite modern and the bull in the photo weighs around 100-120 kg. But Baluan Sholak lived in the 19th century. Here is what information has been preserved about him.

In 1864 a son from the Sambet clan was born in the Baimurza family. The boy's name was Nurmagambet. It so happened that a child injured his hand and disfigured his fingers in his childhood. Since then they have called him Sholak - Bespaliy. Sholak spent his childhood and youth in Kokchetav, where his father made a living by crafting wood. The father worked tirelessly and the family didn't need anything. Even then, the young Sholak was distinguished by a daring disposition, was in no way inferior to older boys, fought and fought selflessly, was a ringleader in everything. With outstanding strength and agility, he could not be beaten in any competition.

Already in his youth, Sholak became famous as an invincible fighter and was bestowed the honorary title of Baluan. Baluan Sholak was not inferior to anyone in riding and demonstrated real circus tricks: he stood on a horse at full gallop, spun around in the saddle, could fall on the horse's stomach without reins ... But the rider's main hobby was singing and playing the dombra . He peo songs Birzhan and Akhan-Sere, so much so that they talked about them all over the steppe. Baluan Sholak lightly held a log with twenty riders on his shoulders, at the age of 35 he lifted weights weighing 816 kg at masses and, of course, fought well, which justified his nickname Baluan - a wrestler.

At the age of 14, the future strongman prevailed against 20-year-old boys. At the competitions in Omsk on the occasion of the arrival of the king's heir, Baluan Sholak put the famous wrestler Sevr on his shoulder blades. At the age of 49, our hero accepted the challenge at the Koyanda fair.Famous strong man Karona also broke his rib during the fight. They say that Hadji Mukan himself wanted to measure strength with Baluan Sholak, but after getting to know him better, he gave up that idea. Even greater fame was brought to the hero through his songs. After living only 55 years, he left dozens of songs: "Galia", "September", "Taldy-Kul", "Saryn" and others. And this despite the fact that the Akyn's work has not yet been adequately studied. Baluan Sholak traveled around the Auls, gathered talented young people and even organized an "ensemble". For the first time, steppe dwellers hear well-known songs of the choir and are surprised at the well-coordinated playing of several dombras.

By the age of 26, Sholak already had a real troupe that included dombra players, singers, storytellers, horsemen, and wrestlers. Sholak himself played songs and demonstrated his colossal strength - he broke horseshoes, fought several riders at once, and lifted incredible weights. Baluan Sholak had a special relationship with women: he always loved beauties and, as befits a poet, was in love. Bright appearance, daring, incredible strength, strong voice made the Akyn the most desirable man on the steppe. But only one woman left an indelible mark on his life. Her name was Galia. And she was the daughter of a wealthy Argyn merchant Tleu. A tall, fair-faced beauty was betrothed to a rich but unloved Birzhan as a child. She married him. And then Baluan Sholak met her. The lovers met secretly. Until the deceived husband found out about it. Galia is badly beaten and returns to her parents' house in a shirt. Baluan Sholak was ready to marry his mistress. But the offended husband asked the court of Biys to return the kalym.

Monument to Baluan Sholak in Tole Bi village, Shuisky district, Zhambyl region.

The batyr did not believe the judges and went to Kokchetav to collect the required number of cattle. In Kokchetav, he was accused of stealing livestock and ended up in jail while Galia won a lawsuit. Now she was free, but nothing is known about her lover. Rumors about the steppe convey different things to her: Baluan Sholak fled, he is a polygamist, and now he is a convict who is driven to Siberia forever ... Galia is desperate, at her father's behest she is remarrying. Now she is the second wife of a famous person in town. And Baluan's friends agreed to take him to the prison in the city where Galia lived. Akin is not himself and is waiting to meet his lover. It was at this point that Baluan Sholak's most famous song, "Galia", was born. But Sholak and Galia never found family happiness. Baluan Sholak remained the favorite of his compatriots until the end of his life. He fought against injustice, and every noble act aroused admiration among the people. On the eve of the October Revolution, Batyr helped the Bolsheviks hide in the villages, provided them with horses and helped them in every possible way.

Until the end of his life, Baluan Sholak was not afraid of anyone and always helped the weak and disadvantaged. Even today his songs are often played in concerts and on the radio. Sabit Mukanov wrote a story about Baluan Sholak, singer, composer, renowned wrestler, and now the Sports Palace, built in Almaty in 1967, is named after him.

Is it realistic to lift such a weight?

People who are seriously interested in bodybuilding most likely know what a person's greatest weight was and who did it. It is about the famous strong man Paul Anderson, who in the middle of the last century was considered the most powerful strong man in the world and was called "crane" in the press.

Paul Anderson was born in 1932 and began exercising with a barbell when he was 20 years old. The largest human upscale was recorded in 1957. It was a pancake bar total weight that was 2,844 kg. (He tore his shoulders off the shelves during one of the performances). And Anderson's record has never been beaten by a weightlifter.

In the early 50s. In the last century, the athlete began to perform in the professional field. In addition, a case is known in which he sat down three times with a barbell, the weight of which was 526 kg, in one of the nightclubs in Las Vegas. And that wasn't unusual for Anderson - weighted squats were his favorite exercise, after all.

But the athlete didn't like the bench press that much. However, this did not prevent him from getting great results here. In particular, Paul was able to push his right hand 136 kg 11 times, and 7 times the same with the left.

In professional demonstrations of strength, Anderson managed to tear off the platform and lift 1600 kg to his knees. In addition, it performs an incomplete squat - "short squat" with a weight of 952.5 kg, walks with 700 kg on the chest and squats according to all the rules from 590 kg.

After the Olympics, Anderson announced that he would go amateur sports believing that tournaments are too physically and mentally demanding. He began appearing in a number of shows of force in various cities across the United States. In powerlifting he showed the following results: squats with a weight of 544.5 kg, bench press - 284 kg and deadlift - 371 kg (with belt - 453.5 kg) (without equipment and doping). Anderson also performed an incomplete squat weighing 952.5 kg and ripped a 2,844 kg weight off the racks with his shoulders during one of the performances. arms outstretched weighing 127 kg each with only little fingers.With one hand he pressed a dumbbell weighing 172.5 kg.

There was also such a famous person:

A person's perception begins with a visual assessment of their figure, the main criterion of which is weight. Control over this indicator is currently the most urgent. This topic has a special place in the media, many television programs are dedicated to it and even cause a stir.

The human body is a control mechanism of metabolic processes ... The coherence and clear work of all of its organs should support normal weight ... Maintaining your weight is not only beautiful, but also important. The subject of the obesity fight is gaining momentum, and after all there is no interest at all in achieving normal body mass it is much more difficult to keep it.

Fat people were at all times. This is evidenced by various kinds of epics and legends about giants and fat men who surprised people around them with the size of their bodies. However, after heroism, we can conclude that they were all healthy, which should be wished for everyone else to whom it is a disease. And they call it obesity.

To determine if you are related to this eyelid problem, you need to use the Body Mass Index (BMI) formula, which is weight divided by height in square feet. The optimal indicator is 25-30, and if it is higher, then it is already obesity.

Geography and Inferred Problems of the Century

Obesity is rightly called the problem of the century. This is reflected in the steadily growing size and age getting younger every year.
The first place in the number of obese overweight people, about 35% of the population, belongs to the United States of America, about 15-20% in Russia and Europe, and about 10% in Africa and South Asia.
There are more and more reasons that lead to obesity.
These include:

  • high calorie present and inexpensive products foods;
  • predominance of sedentary life in everyday life;
  • use of public and private transport, elevator instead of walking;
  • lack of live communication and walks as they have replaced social networks and email;
  • the interaction between human genetic information and the environment.

Show your attention 5 people with the highest weight

The absolute record and the title of the heaviest person belongs to Minnock, John Brower from the United States, who is 185 cm tall and weighs 635 kg, which has been officially proven in the medical history. But it was not only this weight that made him famous, his weight loss record was officially confirmed and amounted to 216 kg. He lived 42 years.

Second heavyweight Uribe Manuel from Mexico. He lived 49 years and only one year did not do justice to his fiftieth birthday. Its officially certified weight was 597 kg. In 2006 he aroused professional interest from doctors and nutritionists. Thanks to their participation, in two years he managed to lose 225 kg of weight.

Huntress Carol from the USA was only 34 years old, her weight at the time of her death was 545 kg. Its maximum weight of 727 kg is not officially certified. However, in three months and without surgery, a weight loss of 236 kg was recorded.

The representative of the strong half of humanity, Hudson Walter, lived only 47 years, his weight of 544 kg has been officially certified, but he was included in the Guinness Book of Records because of his 3.02 m waist.

Bradford Rosalie from the USA became a long-liver in that category of people, she lived for 63 years. Her maximum weight was 544 kg, her chest was 250 cm, and the fat bags in her thighs hung down to her knees. But it gained even more prominence when it became the record holder for weight loss in women - 415 kg.

It is possible and necessary to deal with this problem of the century. many possibilities:

  • show constant activity and physical activity;
  • keep inactivity to a minimum;
  • healthy eating.

The result will not be long in coming.

The greatest people in the world have always been interesting to their surroundings and have left their mark on history. Unfortunately, high growth brought them not only fame but also serious health problems due to the enormous stress on the spine and cardiovascular system ... Not all persons over eight feet tall were included in the famous book of records. Most of the time, the fact of their gigantic growth remained in pictures that have puzzled and astonished contemporaries for several years, or imprinted on medical records.

10 Bernard Coyne (USA) 2.49 meters

In tenth place on the list of the tallest people in the world, according to Bernard Coyne's official version, its height reached 249 centimeters, and according to unconfirmed facts, it was 2.53 meters. Bernard continued to grow throughout his life and it is not known how tall he could get, but Coyne died at a relatively young age. A young man died in the United States at the age of 23. Rapid growth The man was accompanied not only by problems with the spine, like most tall people, but also by a delay in his sexual development.

9 Don Kehler (USA) 2.49 meters

In ninth place in our rating, Don Kehler was the tallest man on the planet for a long time. Don was born in the United States. The growth abnormality occurred when the boy was 10 years old. An interesting point in the Koehler family it turned out that the anomaly did not affect his twin sister at all, she was completely normal growth ... Kohler also reached 2 meters 49 centimeters, which gave him great problems with the health of the spine.

8 Vikas Appal (India) 2.51 meters

This man became famous for his height own growth at 251 centimeters and number eight on the list. Vikas lived in India all his life, although his growth was not recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. Local health workers monitored him and were recognized as the highest in India. Vikas died during an operation at the age of 21.

7 Sultan Kosen (Turkey) 2.51 meters

Sultan Kösen ranks seventh on the list with a height of 251 centimeters. Today the Turk is the most great man among the living on the planet. Successful treatment of the pituitary gland caused the sultan's growth to stagnate, increasing the chances of living longer and healthy life than other representatives with similar abnormalities who lived before. At this moment the Sultan is engaged in agriculture and his main difficulty is finding clothes and shoes that need to be sewn to order.

6 Edouard Beaupre (Canada) 2.51 meters

Edouard Beaupre from Canada ranks sixth in the ranking. Compared to other people of abnormal growth, Beaupre and were of great strength who made money working in the circus. The growth of the strong man reached 251 centimeters. Despite his strength, Edward did not live long and died of incurable tuberculosis in 1904 at the age of 23. But even after his death he kept surprising people because his body was embalmed and served as an exhibition at the University of Montreal until 1990. After a lengthy legal battle, he was cremated and buried at home.

5 Veino Müllirinne (Finland) 2.51 meters

The five tallest people in the world are opened by Wayno Müllirinne from Finland. The height of the Finn also reached 2.51 meters, only about 40 years old. And at a young age, his size wasn't that outstanding: at 21 he was 2.22 meters tall. The Finn lived 54 years and became famous as the greatest man to serve in the army.

4 Leonid Stadnik (Ukraine) 2.57 meters

In fourth place is Leonid Stadnik, who lives in Ukraine. The height of the tallest Ukrainian was 257 centimeters. At the age of 12, Leonid had brain surgery and his growth began to increase abnormally. Stadnik worked as a veterinarian and died at the age of 44 from a sudden cerebral haemorrhage. In the past few years Leonid suffered from musculoskeletal problems and could not move without additional help.

3 John Carroll (USA) 2.63 meters

The three tallest people in the world are opened by John Carroll with an astonishing height of 263 centimeters. Huge spinal problems made it very difficult to measure John's height. John's first jump was when he was young, then in a few months he grew 17 centimeters. John lived 37 years and died in Buffalo in 1967.

2 Joe Rogan (USA) 2.68 meters

The exact date of birth of the person in second place on our list is unknown. Joe Rogan was born into the family former slave and was 12 children. The estimated date of birth is 1865-1868. The approximate age of the first abnormal growth spurt was 13 years. The guy started making money by taking photos and selling photos at train stations and train stations. At about 20 years of age, the man could only move with the help of crutches, the reason for this was ankylosis of the joints. Joe's size increased until his death (1905). To this day, he is considered the tallest black man on the planet.

1 Robert Wadlow (USA) 2.72 meters

The first place of one of the highest representatives goes to Robert Wadlow. The American was born in 1918 and became the main record holder with a height of 272 centimeters. The recording itself was made less than a month before Robert's death. Despite his tremendous growth, Wadlow not only graduated from university but was also a Freemason for whom he had to create the largest ring in the history of the lodge. During the funeral, 12 people carried the coffin. Robert's parents were very concerned that after their son's death his body would not be stolen, which is why Wadlow's grave was concreted.

Fedor Makhnov 2.85 meters

It is impossible not to notice any other giant in world history. His height was not recorded in the Guinness Book, but according to some reports, it was Fyodor Makhnov who was the tallest man in the world in history. According to unverified data, Fedor's height was 285 centimeters. The whole family of Fyodor was distinguished by unprecedented growth, although such giants as him were no longer observed. Once he entered the circus arena to entertain the people, and when he was tired of traveling around the world, Fedor went home and got married. He died at the age of 34.

Who is the toughest person in the world? Surely many of you have asked this question. IN THE MODERN WORLD The problem is not only the result of eating high-calorie foods, but also the consequences of various diseases ... So in this article we will tell you what story knows.

John Brower Minnock

This American from the city of Bainbridge, who was 185 centimeters tall, weighed 635 kilograms. It was so large that it took thirteen people's efforts to turn it from side to side. He didn't gain weight right away. At first he even worked in a local taxi, but as he gained weight, he had to leave this job. According to official figures, Minnock is the heaviest person in history. Doctors repeatedly tried to help the poor guy, and even managed to say goodbye to 419 kilograms in two years. However, after he was released from the hospital in just a week, Minnock gained 91 kilograms. No matter how the specialists tried to normalize the patient's condition and put his body in order, their efforts were in vain. In 1983 the heaviest man in the world died at the age of 42.

Manuel Uribe

Until 2008 he carried this "indecent" title. But tired of such a life when it is impossible to perform elementary actions, Uribe turned to television for help. Nutritionists helped him get rid of 200 kilograms (originally his weight was 572 kilograms). Today Manuel is a happy husband and father.

Paul Mason

The heaviest living person in the world gained weight in his youth (at the age of 26 he weighed 160 kilograms). His attempts to lose weight were unsuccessful. Then Mason turned to the doctors with a request to make the stomach smaller, but he was refused. Today Paul weighs 445 kilograms. His lifestyle is practically total immobility ... There are many tools around the bed to help him: medical equipment, food, water, and even toilet paper. It is under the care of the state.

the day of her death and the second - the maximum amount of kilograms that we could shed - 136.

Donna Simpson

This woman weighs 273 kilograms , dreams of getting the title "The toughest man in the world" and being in the "Guinness Book of Records". Donna is married and has one child. By the way, as soon as she has already managed to become a record holder or rather to receive the status of the "toughest mother". Thirty doctors were required during the extraction of the baby. I want to point out that Donna will have to recover up to two times in order to achieve her goal.

Jessica Leonard

At the age of seven, the girl weighed 222 kilograms. According to her mother, she had to buy large quantities of fast food for her daughter or she would be hysterical. Thanks to the efforts of doctors, Jessica managed to get rid of 140 kilograms, but treatment continues to this day. The girl hopes that she can avoid the title "Hardest Man".

These are the stories of people who are overweight ... Unfortunately, most of them ended tragically. Accuse everything of malnutrition and incurable diseases.