How to calculate asphalt in tons

Calculate the weight of asphalt

How to calculate the weight of asphalt

Asphalt is a bulk product and must therefore be measured according to volume and / or weight. This is just as much the case with the construction of the stone composite as it is with its disposal.

Order asphalt by weight

When ordering asphalt mix for the creation of solid pavements, weight is the decisive factor. It is calculated based on the specific weight of bituminous asphalt - the only type of asphalt that is still permitted for construction today.

According to the Bavarian State Office for Statistics and Data Processing, the specific weight of bituminous asphalt is an average of 1.8 tons per cubic meter. One ton of asphalt therefore gives 0.53 cubic meters of volume. So for a construction project, you have to

a) calculate the required volume and
b) determine the weight to be ordered from this

The volume of road surfaces is calculated using the usual volume calculation formula length x width x height.

Example: A pavement 5 m long, 1.50 m wide and 0.05 m thick has a volume of 0.375 cubic meters. According to the rule of three, the conversion factor is 2.6666666667. 0.375 cubic meters divided by this value gives 0.140625 tons of weight.

Dispose of asphalt by weight

When you dispose of asphalt, you not only have to estimate the volume for the container to be ordered, but usually also the filling weight, for which a maximum permissible limit is usually set. You must ask your recycling center where this is. The disposal companies often also offer overview tables with the permissible filling weights depending on the container size and type of container (drop-off or roll-off container).

You must also calculate the weight of the asphalt to be disposed of using the volume and use the conversion factors mentioned above. Alternatively, you can also use overview tables from asphalt manufacturers and suppliers or from disposal companies. The weight values ​​of common areas and covering thicknesses can be read off directly or used as control values.

There are also some helpful overviews on the Internet for converting cubic meters to tons and vice versa.

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