What are the best English newspapers

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If the language is all you want, pick one that interests you thematically. Then there is a greater chance that you will persevere and read the newspapers. Magazines and books are just as valuable. And for listening comprehension, I recommend BBC productions in the original sound.
Harald Walter
I think that you should start out on light fare, on the so-called yellow press like "the sun" - even if reading gossip doesn't necessarily correspond to your interests. the language is kept simple and so well suited for beginners. later you can switch to reputable papers like "the guardian".
On the subject of "English newspapers" this quote from the British political satire "Yes, Prime Minister" - otherwise the magazine "Spotlight" would be best recommended - an English news magazine for people for whom English is NOT a mother tongue and is therefore written a little easier .
Dominik Richter
Perhaps the best European newspaper of all - and therefore also the best English newspaper - is for me the Economist, which is also present online: http://www.economist.com/. If your English is average, you at least understand the somewhat elaborate language or you can slowly acquire it.