I am a bad kisser

These 9 points make a really bad kiss

The tension before the first kiss is something absolutely unique. This crackling, this anticipation and then - this disappointment? Since I've been single again, I have to say with really, really great regret: There are really, really many bad kissers out there! And the whole magic of a promising date is gone when the first kiss is a real failure!

But do you want to become a teacher and give good tips? The mood is probably down too, but maybe at least your successors have something of the important lesson ...

Kissing is fun, erotic, you want more - unless the other person kisses badly! Then you don't want anymore!

The question remains: what actually makes a bad kiss? We asked around and collected the absolute no-gos - in the hope that my future dates read this list and take it to heart!

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Somehow that seems to be in - unfortunately: ramming your tongue in before the lips have touched each other for the first time. You probably still have your lips closed and then you feel a wet rag ... Go. Not at all!

In principle: too much tongue! Or a tongue that goes deep down to the tonsils on expeditions. Soft lips can be much more exciting - and the right ratio is what counts.

Propeller technique: A rotating tongue in the throat area also does not promote the romantic mood.

Simply putting your tongue into the person opposite and then doing nothing at all - yes, that also happened to me - is clearly even worse!

The teeth only play a very subordinate role in smooching: Because when they hit each other, that's just ouch and not ohhh. And not everyone likes biting either ...

Bad breath. You don't have to say much about that.

Open your mouth wide: we don't want to be eaten, we want to be kissed.

As much as beard is trendy and it is for many: a stubble can be really painful! Because like sandpaper, it moves over and over again over the sensitive areas of the skin. Where the end result can actually look like a scratched chin - I preferred to claim for a few days that I had a bike accident ...

You are welcome to use your hands and gently stroke and wander - please do not just let them hang down or ONLY focus on the bottom.

And you can find more romance killers in the following video: