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It's a great technology. We can do it completely take for granted.
It literally reassembles children who were born without something that we all do take for granted.
Componiendo literalmente a los niños de vuelta que nacen sin algo, que todos damos por sentado.
I would do anything you do take for granted.
Above all, we are not allowed to get the citizens' approval of enlargement, neither in the accession states nor in the member states take for granted.
Ante todo, no debemos dar por sentado que el public aceptará la ampliación, ni en los países candidatos ni en los Estados miembros.
You can't do anything take for granted.
Regardless of whether it is about climate change, or eradicating poverty, or giving back to future generations what we do take for granted: It's about adventure.
Asi se trate del cambio climático o de erradicar la pobreza o de devolver a las generaciones futuras lo que damos por sentado, se trata de la aventura.
Nobody should have these achievements take for granted.
Washing hands with soap, a custom we do take for granted, can reduce diarrhea in half and respiratory disease by one third.
Lavarnos las manos con jabón, un hábito que damos por hecho, puede reducir a la mitad los casos de diarrea, y en un tercio las infecciones respiratorias.
Well. We just don't want them to be them take for granted.
Let me ask you something you might as well take for granted.
Así que déjenme preguntarles algo que quizás den por hecho.
That's not something I think you will take for granted.
Of you and your daughter and all Americans who have their freedom take for granted.
De ti, y de tu hija y de 200 millones de norteamericanos que dan sus libertades por hecho.
You and I know that there are certain things that we do take for granted.
And he opened it, removed the screws and revealed the inner workings - which some of us, I am sure, take for granted.
Y las desarmaba, les sacaba los tornillos, y revelaba su funcionamiento interno - que muchos de nosotros, estoy seguro, da por sentado.
To be ready means that we can do things even when the things we do take for granted, are not available.
Estar preparados significa poder hacer cosas aunque lo que damos por hecho no esté más allí.
Of you and your daughter and all Americans who have their freedom take for granted.
Hablo de ti, de tu hija y de 200 millones que disfrutan de sus libertades.
Father always said that God takes what we love to remind us how much we ... take for granted.
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