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Is online marketing even suitable for health professions & therapists?

The searcher can click on the Google Maps entries to get more information about this internist, to call up his website or to call him directly.

The opening times and Google ratings for the internists also appear there directly. Of course, that is also very important. Ask a few customers / patients, whom you have been particularly good at helping, to write a review on Google. This is guaranteed to help you.

Without a Google MyBusiness entry you are practically nonexistent these days. Everyone has their smartphone at hand and can quickly search for a suitable specialist in the region if they have problems.

Yellow pages and the like are used less and less and the Internet is by far the most widely used source to find specialists on site. Practical: The user can immediately calculate a route to your practice and drive to you.


Strategy 2: Search Engine Optimization and Content

As already mentioned at the beginning of the article, your success cannot be prevented if you manage to place several pieces of content (articles, videos, ...) on the biggest problems of your target group as high as possible in the search results on Google and Co.

This enormously increases your findability and your expert status as well as the trust in the searcher. This ensures regular customers / patients for your practice, as you will be found by your target group month after month.

The whole thing is called “content marketing” ... that is, marketing with content such as blog articles or videos on specific problems and possible solutions.

In my opinion, content marketing is the most honest and most sustainable online marketing strategy at all, because you go into “advance payments” and thus lead people to you again and again. In addition, it doesn't cost you a single euro and has a lasting effect for years.

I myself have been using content marketing for years to attract potential customers to me. I now have hundreds of articles, videos and even podcast episodes that bring exactly the right people to me every month. Content marketing works in every industry - including doctors, therapists and service providers.

But no worry: You don't need to create hundreds of pieces of content - like me - to be successful. A few, high-quality content on the most important problems of your target group is completely sufficient to be extremely successful.



Strategy 3: website

A website that inspires confidence and exudes competence remains an extremely important factor in online marketing - also for doctors and therapists.

Via your website you build trust in potential customers / patients and give the website visitor an easy way to contact you (or to find out more about yourself and your work).

In this case study, learn how to build a really good website: