Who cleans your house

Clean the house

All adults know perfectly well that children are very fond of tossing their toys and things, and how scary the words are for babies - cleaning. But today we are going to try to change it, try to enjoy the cleaning and help my mother bring beauty and order to the rooms because all she needs is your help.
We present you a new game for children - "Cleaning the House", in which we try to tidy up the house, make it clean and beautiful.
So where should you clean the house? First, we're going to put things in order on the first floor. Here we have to clean the kitchen. We have to put the food in the refrigerator, take the plates and plates off the table, wash the food and put it on the shelves, and put cleanliness and order on the stove. After the kitchen cleaning is done, let's go to the second floor and start cleaning the room.
Here the children have to collect scattered things and shoes, clean them and place the toys in their places. To the house was bright and cheerful for the children there is a very thorough cleaning of the windows. After the cleaning of the room is finished, we will move on to the most important and most beautiful room in the house - the children's room, which always resembles the battlefield, because in this room the children play most of the time.
Here we have to clean up the trash that is beautifully strewn all over the floor, washing the floors, putting the bookcases on the shelves, hanging pictures that will be torn from the walls during the game, and much more.
When I do different tasks, add things and fix things in one room at a time, your kid will move from one floor to another while learning how to do it right in a fun game form and it's fun to do that House clean.
Playing for children by children, like cleaning the house, is very important for the children's all-round development. They help to develop such qualities as attention, practicality, fine motor skills, help instill a love for order and cleanliness in your child, teach you how to clean your child's room and help your parents around the house.
We carefully create and love kids applications and free games that help children fully develop and reveal their internal potential.
If you and your baby want to have fun and entertain your time, all you have to do is download and install our free games. And if the kids cleaned themselves up after playing this game - then we didn't waste our time and we made it.

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